On this blog I will post stories I have written, most of this stories are mundane science fiction, a sub-genre of science fiction. Mundane science fiction are stories set in the near future and either on Earth or in our Solar System, further this type of science fiction is based on the current state of scientific knowledge. Although I might deviate a little bit of the rules of mundane science fiction, you will not find “sword and planet”, “faster than light” or similar stories.

Space colonization is a central theme of most of the stories I will place on this site, in particular I will deal with the political and social issues related to space colonization. Further I will explore in my stories different types of societies and new ways of life. All kind of emerging technologies will be discussed in the stories, but mostly within the context of their consequences for society. As general rule I will not use hyper-links in the stories in this blog. If necessary I place at the end of a story a short list of hyper-links about the key concepts of that story.

Since I realize that due to the length of the stories, scrolling this page for stories will be cumbersome, I have created an overview page with a link together with a short summary for each story posted on this blog.

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Followers of this site might know that I oppose materialism, and that the problem of consciousness is one of the primary reason I reject materialism or physicalism. One of the philosophies of mind I am most inclined to is panpsychism or panprotopsychism. This is, simplified, the idea that consciousness is somehow fundamental to nature just like space, time, mass or electric charge.

In the video below David Chalmers explains what panpsychism is.

For a deeper discussion of the idea of panpsychism, see Philip Goff’s article on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Background: marriageable age by nation

This list might be updated from time to time Continue reading →


After some consideration I have decided to change the name “Elysia” to “Elynesia”. This new name is derived from Greek words elysion¬†(Elysium, heaven) and nesos (island), hence Elynesia could be translated as “heavenly islands” or as “heavenly archipelago”.

The new name is chosen to emphasize that this country consist of multiple orbital habitats or islands in O’Neil’s terminology. So Elynesia is an archipelago located in outer space. This way the name is similar to Polynesia or Indonesia.

Satelliteland law reform

After gaining independence in 2147 the government of the new nation started a project to replace the Elysian legal codes with new ones. Several law reform commissions were created and were populated by supporters of the president. However, this legal reform project proved be much harder than previously estimated. Continue reading →

LRO: new installment

I have just published part 5 of my story “The Lunar Radio-Observatory” on Wattpad. You can read it here.

Elysia and indentured servitude

As pointed out earlier the Republic of Elysia has not signed the The Lagrangian-Martian Convention on Indenture, even though it has been the most important of all spacer nations in terms of demographics and economics. Despite not signing this convention, indentured servitude has not been illegal in Elysia – though many mistakenly believe this to be the case. The question is why did they not join this convention? Continue reading →

More on sociograms

In the last post I mentioned drawing sociograms as a method to keep control over a story as you continue to write. Some people might have trouble to understand this concept, so I have drawn a sociagram of one of my stories and put a scan of it below (click on it to enlarge).

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Worldbuilding, characters and complexity

Creating a new world a great challenge for both science fiction and fantasy writers. You want to create a realistic or at least believable world and complexity is one the things that gives an imaginary world credibility. However, in a quest to add complexity to their story authors are often tempted to add more and more characters on the fly. Continue reading →

LRO update

I just published a new installment of my The Lunar Radio-Observatory story. You can know read:

Office Talk

Urando trilogy: update

I have made an update to the working titles of the volumes of this series:

  1. The Celestial Conspiracy
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. The Scramble for Earth

Nothing is definitive at this stage, so things might and probably will change.