On this blog I will post stories I have written, most of this stories are mundane science fiction, a sub-genre of science fiction. Mundane science fiction are stories set in the near future and either on Earth or in our Solar System, further this type of science fiction is based on the current state of scientific knowledge. Although I might deviate a little bit of the rules of mundane science fiction, you will not find “sword and planet”, “faster than light” or similar stories.

Space colonization is a central theme of most of the stories I will place on this site, in particular I will deal with the political and social issues related to space colonization. Further I will explore in my stories different types of societies and new ways of life. All kind of emerging technologies will be discussed in the stories, but mostly within the context of their consequences for society. As general rule I will not use hyper-links in the stories in this blog. If necessary I place at the end of a story a short list of hyper-links about the key concepts of that story.

Since I realize that due to the length of the stories, scrolling this page for stories will be cumbersome, I have created an overview page with a link together with a short summary for each story posted on this blog.

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PIE Reconstruction

How did historical linguists figure out to reconstruct Proto-Indo-European or PIE? This video by Draw Curiosity explains:

Yesteryear’s sounds

About 3 billion people speak an Indo-European language – a group of languages that have evolved from a common ancestor, known as Proto-Indo-European. Though we have no attested sources of PIE, linguists have been reconstructing PIE for the last few centuries. In the video below one can hear what PIE sounded like.

A Habitat at Ceres Could be the Gateway to the Outer Solar System — Universe Today

A new proposal from the inventor of the E-sail shows how we could create an Earth-like space habitat around Ceres, which could be a gateway to the rest of the Solar System The post A Habitat at Ceres Could be the Gateway to the Outer Solar System appeared first on Universe Today.

A Habitat at Ceres Could be the Gateway to the Outer Solar System — Universe Today

Deep Sea Mining

The combination of population growth and increased level of wealth, result in an increased demand of mineral resources. However, most easily accessible deposits have already been depleted. Therefore attention is shifting towards the ocean floor as a supplier of resources.

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Africa’s battle against the Sahara

Africa is too often overlooked – and I am no exception to this – by writers of mundane science fiction. However, the continent is expected to surpass Asia in population during the next decades.

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The planet of Urando is the setting of my world building “project” I am working on for the last twenty years. As I am trained as a political scientist I spend a lot of detail into the politics, international relations and societies of countries on this world. However, an important part of world building is creating the languages those people speak.

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Orbital Space Settlements

As pointed out in my previous post, in the Elynesia Universe almost all space settlers live in orbital space habitats. However, many people are unfamiliar with this concept. Fortunately, YouTube channel TopTenz has a good introduction video for what orbital space settlements could like:

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Why we should not colonize Mars

Simon Whistler for YoutTube channel TopTenz has an excellent video summarizing the main argument why mankind should not colonize the Red Planet.

As a space advocate for the last 20 years I believe the real prospect of the humanization of outer space is by constructing orbital space settlements. And this is also why orbital settlements form the bedrock of the setting of my stories in the Elynesia Universe.


When we discuss the history and current affairs of Urando, most of our attention goes to the Big 5 states. However, there are about 60 other nations on this planet and each of them has it own interesting culture and history. Today we will have a closer look at the mysterious island nation of Lainousta. Continue reading →

Combatting covid

It is probably the grimiest start of the new year in quite while in Europe, as the continent as much as the rest of the world continues to be in lockdown or quarantine. Infection rates are rising, while life is increasingly restricted. Continue reading →