Professor Veldman was sitting at his desk, while he read a newspaper written in the Dutch language, since he was born in Netherlands he was able to read Dutch. The scientist read a long article which was published by an opponent of his work. Veldman was a geneticist and he had experimented a lot with genetic engineering. His greatest achievement was the creation of the HSO. HSO was the abbreviation of Humanoid Synthetic Organism. What had Veldman done? He had taken an empty rabbit egg, and instead of the nucleus he had injected a bunch of artificial chromosomes in the cell. These chromosomes contained the typical genes of a mammal. One set of chromosomes contained the genes which made humans human. All other chromosomes contained versions of genes from cattle, pigs and monkeys. Therefore a HSO resembled at a first glance at a human being, but HSO wore a jellyfish gene which made them fluorescent.

Rik Veldman had been a student at Leiden University, in the time of the first space colonization wave. And as a first year student he had already developed his ideas of HSOs. Veldman thought that HSOs could be used as cheap labor for the new space colonies, so after his bachelor graduation he emigrated to Elysia, the first and most important space borne nation. Officially for completing his master, but in Elysia the laws on genetic engineering were less restrictive than in most terrestrial countries.

After Veldman had finished his newspaper, he took breakfast and put the radio on. In the beginning the Elysian armed forces were deeply interested in Veldman’s HSO project, so they had decided to help him with funding his research. Therefore he was able to create a population of one thousand HSOs, most of them were sent to the Greek branch of the Jupiter Trojans (a group of mineral rich asteroids), along with a hundred fifty human families. These families were the beginning of the new Elysian state of Satelliteland. Since HSOs were not considered as humans, or even as animals by the law of Elysia, there was initially no objection for HSO slavery.

Over the course of time more and more people migrated to Satelliteland, and with them more and more HSOs. But only in Satelliteland HSOs had become popular, because around 2055 artificial intelligence became that advanced that android robots gained much more popularity. But the Satellitelanders preferred their HSO slaves. Therefore Professor Rik Veldman also decided to move to this state of the Federal Republic of Elysia. His company had bred more than ten thousand HSOs in 2070.

Unfortunately in the 2080s the Elysian Android and Robot Corporation, EARC, started a campaign to end all forms of slavery of genetically engineered organisms. They began with outlawing the slavery of genetically enhanced apes, which was abolished in 2095 by a court order. In 2099 Veldman was summoned to stand for a Senatorial committee, where he defended HSO slavery: “We created these beings in order to serve us. And we make them in that way, that they like their servitude. Since they owe their existence to us, they have a moral duty to obey humans.” Similar arguments were used by EARC to defend the use of androids as slaves.

Therefore the Abolitionist movement had much more difficulty with achieving the emancipation of HSOs than with the emancipation of ape slaves. But in the following decades the aversion against HSO slavery was growing in Elysia, except for the State of Satelliteland.

Veldman was listening to the news on the radio. There was not much of his interest. So he decided to take a shower.

In 2147 after a long debate the Elysian senate approved a bill which abolished HSO slavery in the entire republic. The Satelliteland state assembly declared the independence right after the senatorial vote. Subsequently the Elysian president asked the Constitutional Council to dismiss the Satelliteland government for willfully violating the constitution, and he ordered the federal police to arrest the Satelliteland government. But the Satelliteland minister-president Catharina Athasuuri declared war on Elysia. After a harsh battle the Elysians had to withdraw and accept the independence of Satelliteland, and Catharina became president of the new country. Consequently the law aimed at the emancipation of HSOs had become practically meaningless.

When Veldman returned to his study there was a breaking news bulletin on the radio. “A eighteen year old female HSO has run away. The HSO, known as Tamara, is property of the St. Elise rest home in Leeuwenhoek. The police has started a hunt at the run away girl. Anyone who has any information regarding Tamara is requested to inform the police. The St. Elise director has announced that the person who give the information which leads to the return of Tamara, will get a financial reward.” The old Veldman was shocked, it was the first time that a HSO had run away. And he called the St. Elise rest home. Veldman favored a harsh punishment for Tamara. She deserved it, that ungrateful slut, he thought. By email he received a photograph of Tamara. She was a white, blond attractive girl with brown eyes.

A few weeks had gone since Tamara’s disappearance and there was no single clue regarding her whereabouts. Although the police suspected that Tamara had committed several thefts, which were reported to police in the weeks after her escape. Almost everywhere in Satelliteland police posters with Tamara’s photograph were displayed. The news programs at television started with her disappearance. Even the national government meddled with this case. The president, Catharina’s daughter Iris, had announced that she would personally give Tamara a public over the knee spanking if she didn’t return to her legal owners within forty-eight hours. But Tamara didn’t show up within forty-eight hours.

A few months after her flight the police had abandoned all hope that Tamara would ever return. When Veldman heard this he furiously walked into the office of the chief officer of the police. “If you don’t catch that ungrateful slut Tamara, it would be a wrong sign to other HSOs. Some of them will possibly follow her example. Therefore you have to take any mean necessary to get her,” Veldman said. The officer’s response was “If we had any possibility to catch her, we would arrest her. I understand you completely. But the police have more things to do.” “Getting Tamara should be your most important case at the moment, the very foundations of our country are in danger!”

Some days later someone was knocking at Veldman’s front door. He opened his door, and Tamara stood face to face with him. The professor grasped her blond hair, and pulled her inside his home. He smacked her at the ground. “How dare you, ungrateful slut, to come to me?” Rik Veldman shouted. “I wanted to talk with you, fucking sadist.” “Don’t use that kind of language to me!” And the old man gave the young girl a merciless kick. Tamara cried, but Veldman was not impressed. “I’ll call the police and your lawful owners.” “Sir, wait a moment, please,” Tamara said while she tried to stand up. “I want to talk with you, afterwards you can call whoever you want. But, please, listen to me first.” Veldman gave the HSO a slap in her face. “You don’t tell me what I’ll do, because I’m a human, and above all the inventor of your species! So you have to obey me, and it is not the other way around!” And he walked to his phone, but Tamara moved quickly enough to prevent that Veldman took his phone. For a couple of moments they stared at each other. Finally the professor said “Okay. Sit down at the bank.” Tamara obeyed him. When she sat, she asked him a glass water. “You can take it your self,” and he pointed her the kitchen. Some moments later Tamara returned with two glasses of water and gave one to Veldman. He didn’t thank her, but he was pleased.

“So Tamara, why did you run away?” “The work at the rest home was boring, and it was though. I had to make workdays of fourteen hours, seven days a week. I had no single day off. I know that you’ll say that I’m designed for that. I had to work hard, but the only thing I got in return was food and shelter. At some day I had enough, and therefore I decided to choose for freedom. So I left the rest home at night, and I hid myself.” “You’re an ungrateful piece of shit, you lazy girl!” “Professor, what should I be grateful for? I have been abused, treated cruelly. I was made to do things I didn’t want. I had nothing for myself. Should I be grateful for that?” “You have to be thankful for the fact that we, humans, have created your species. That’s the reason that a HSO like you, has to obey humans. And if we want that you had to make a fourteen hour workday, you have to accept that.” “I would prefer non-existence to a life in slavery, so I have no thanks for humans. You don’t deserve it. If a human would treat another human in the way I have been treated, he would be imprisoned for more than twenty years!” “Don’t yell at me!” And he gave her another slap in her face.

“Girl, now I’ll call the police, and you’ll bring me the phone.” Tamara obeyed him and brought him the phone and Rik Veldman called the police. The geneticist kept a close look at the girl. “Tamara, the police will be here in ten minutes. Your masters will be informed. I hope that Iris will keep her promise, to give you the spanking you deserved!” “If you find I deserved to be spanked, why don’t you spank me right now?” Tamara challenged him. Veldman toke a ruler from the table before them and pushed Tamara on his laps and gave her a harsh spanking. Thereafter the door bell rang, without second thoughts he went to the door. But when he and the policemen returned to the living, Tamara had seen the opportunity to flee the house. The policemen started to run after her. After a few minutes the girl was out of sight and the law enforcement officers had to give up their attempt to catch the runaway slave. Half an hour later president Iris arrived at Veldman’s home, both were disappointed. They tried to comfort each other. The professor offered the president a glass of Elysian wine.

In the weeks after there was no sign from Tamara. But roughly a month later the crew of a space ship from the Federation of Agricultural Republics, which was underway from Satelliteland to Elysia, discovered the girl. The crew arrested her. Since the Federation of Agricultural Republics and the Republic of Elysia had a treaty which prohibited the FAR to extradite fugitive HSOs to Satelliteland, the captain decided to bring the stowaway to Elysia where she would be handed over to the Elysian authorities.

When Veldman heard this news he was more than furious. And Tamara’s owners, the St. Elise rest home, were demanding financial compensation for what they called “the theft of their legal property by a foreign power”. President Iris Athasuuri summoned the Elysian ambassador to her office. The ambassador explained her government’s position “My country has a treaty with the Federation of Agricultural Republics. In that treaty we have agreed that HSO slavery is immoral, and that therefore we both do not sent fugitive HSOs back to your country, Mrs. President.” Iris deeply wanted to spank the ambassador at her bare butts with a cane, but of course she couldn’t do that.

Three weeks later Tamara arrived in Elysia. At the space station where the ship landed, the Federal Immigration Service was waiting for her. The Federal Agrarians handed the poor girl over to the Elysians. The Federal Immigration Service brought the fugitive to their headquarters in Ilium Novum, the Elysian capital. At the headquarters she was put in a cell, where she had to stay the night. The following day she had a meeting with the director of the department for political refugees. “Tamara, since you are a HSO from Satelliteland, you have the right to apply for asylum. If you want to apply, you had to fill in this form.” And Tamara filled in the form.

Five weeks later Tamara was granted asylum in Elysia, which caused huge anger in Satelliteland. But the Elysian government decided to ignore all protests from Iris’s government. For the first time in her life Tamara was a free person. In the first weeks of her existence as free HSO she enjoyed her liberty. She wanted to seek a job and to get proper education. The Elysian government had a special education program for HSOs, so her latter goal was no problem. It was much harder to get a job.

Most human Elysians wanted either human employees or android slaves rather than a HSO. Soon Tamara was confronted with the fact that HSOs were second class ‘citizens’. The Elysian senate had given HSOs their freedom, but the Elysians hadn’t given any civil right to them. And what Tamara experienced as even worse, most Elysian citizens didn’t care about HSO civil rights. The Elysian constitution had reserved civil and fundamental rights only for Homo Sapiens Sapiens and their lineal descendants. So Tamara couldn’t march to the Federal Constitutional Council for demanding her rights. Yes, there was a (small) group of Elysians which favored equal rights for HSOs, but their club had only fifteen members. Most of them were female law students with too much spare time and who were desperately looking for some hobby. Tamara concluded that their organization was useless, and she decided to write a letter to a known liberal senator. He was friendly enough to invite her at his office. While they were served tea by the senator’s beautiful Asian looking female android, they had their conversation.

“Mr. Senator, I want to ask you to introduce a bill which would give HSOs like me equal rights.” “Dear Tamara, I would like to do that. But the problem is that a bill had to be sponsored by at least five senators. I don’t know four colleagues which are in favor to some degree of equal rights for HSOs. At the moment there are approximately fifty thousand HSOs in Elysia, most people here in Elysia don’t seem to consider it a big deal. And some argue that any law giving equal rights to HSOs would have a sucking effect at HSOs from Satelliteland. That we will get a tsunami of your kind immigrating to our country. And with a pro-HSO agenda you’ll not become much popular by the voters in your constituency. Therefore most senators are not willingly to openly support such bill, even if they’re personally in favor of such bill.” “Why did you, Elysians, abolish HSO slavery in the first place?” “Because EARC Inc. wanted to sell their androids, and they didn’t like competition from substitutes for androids. Therefore they spent a lot of money to convince almost every person in the world that HSO slavery was wrong and thus had to be abolished. But EARC Inc. didn’t care if HSOs should get equal rights, that didn’t matter for their commercial interests.” “The campaign against HSO slavery was only marketing?” Tamara asked furiously. “Yes, it was.” The girl started to cry, the senator tried to comfort her, but she left furiously his office.

A few days after her visit to the senator, Tamara decided to go to the president of EARC Inc. She made an appointment with him trough his personal assistant. When she arrived at his office, she shouted “Why are you so hypocrite?” “Please, calm down, sweetheart,” the president gently asked. “I’m not your sweetheart, and if you want I’ll ever be that, you should help me.” And Tamara started a long tirade on the suffering EARC Inc. had caused her. The company’s president listened to her with all his attention. “If EARC Inc. wouldn’t cooperate with achieving equal rights for HSOs, I’ll start a campaign to boycott your company. Is that clear?” “Tamara, my company is in no way responsible for how HSOs are treated in this country. We’re a commercial business, not a civil rights movement. Do you understand me?” “Yes, I do and I hate you!” Tamara answered cynically and she left. In the following days the girl wrote an essay in which she stated that humans were “fucking hypocrite” in their opinion and attitude to HSOs. For that reason, she wrote, she hated humans and she would like to move to a place without any human. In a place where she could live in solitude, while she grew her own food. Tamara sent her essay to The Elysian Republican, and they published it, to Tamara’s own surprise.

A week later she was invited to come to the minister for federal security, and she accepted the invitation. At his office the minister took the first word “The cabinet had read your essay, we were impressed by your cynicism. Unfortunately we don’t have a place in Elysia which met all your preferences. But we have a small space station somewhere in the Kuiperbelt, there lives only one human. It is our most remote outpost, we use it for watching to potential alien invasions. The young man who lives there, is a twenty-eight-year-old astrobiologist. We usually sent only twice a year a suppliant mission to him. I have had contact with him, he agrees if you want to go there. Do you want to go there?” Tamara nodded. “The only condition is that you will help him with some domestic stuff, but he had promised that you’ll only have to do that a few hours a week. Is that okay with you?” The girl nodded again.

For Tamara the minister’s proposal was better than her current situation. She liked to go to the Kuiperbelt, located beyond the orbit of Neptune, far away from that hypocrite society with its even more hypocrite EARC Inc. No, in Elysia there was no place for her. So she preferred that isolated and remote space station.

Only, Tamara had to wait for six weeks before the next suppliant mission would left mainland Elysia. So the young girl had enough time to prepare her journey. She bought some interesting books, some clothing and other stuff she thought she would need them.

It was no surprise that when Tamara could finally leave for the space station, she was in a very good mood. “How long do we take to get there?” she asked the captain. “Probably two weeks, maybe something more.” During the entire journey the crew left her alone as much as possible. Tamara spend her time at the space ship with reading her books.

Finally the day that the ship reached the space station at the very edge of the Kuiperbelt, had come. At that moment no one  was more euphoric than Tamara. She thought that it was the most glorious thing in her live, finally she had received real freedom. The astrobiologist welcomed the humanoid synthetic organism at his space station. After the supplies were brought to the station, the ship returned home and was Tamara left alone with the twenty-eight year old man. “Hi Tamara, nice to meet you! I’m John Wheel, but call me John, please.” “Nice to meet you, John,” Tamara said with a big smile. “Tamara, I’ve prepared dinner. Should we start with dinner?” The girl nodded. “Meanwhile you could tell your story to me, if you wish.” The two inhabitants of the space station enjoyed their meal. “Nice meal, John, I had never expected that a human being would make dinner for me. Until now I have never eaten something which was cooked by humans.” Meanwhile Tamara told her story to John. After she had finished telling, she asked “What are you doing here?” “I study extra-solar life, since the Federal Ministry for Security is seriously concerned with the possibility of an alien attack, my hobby is paid by them. I’ve studied biology at the Ilium Novum university and I specialized me in astrobiology and got my PhD in that discipline.” “Can I get something to drink?” “What do you want?” “What do you have?” “I’ve a nice red wine, maybe we should…?” Tamara gave a big smile and nodded.

John went to his refrigerator and took a bottle Elysian red wine (from 2154) and he served two glasses for them. “At your liberty!” John said. “Likewise!” Afterwards John served dessert. When they had finished their dinner and dessert John put all stuff in the dishwasher and went to bed. Tamara took a shower and afterwards she decided to lay besides John, happily for her he was already asleep. She kissed him and felt asleep too.

When John woke up he found Tamara in his bed, he carefully tried to leave bed in order to go the toilet. But when he returned to bed he found Tamara awake. “Sorry, but I wanted to sleep besides your warm body, John.” “It’s okay.” And the guy stepped in his bed, Tamara put her arms around him and a moment they lied at their sides face-to-face. She put her lips on his, and started French kissing.

The following day John stood in the bath washing his face when Tamara entered the room for brushing her teeth. “I was told you hated humans.” “Yes, I do.” “But why…” But Tamara had already put her toothbrush in her mouth and wasn’t able to answer his question.

After they had finished their breakfast John said he had to do his job and told Tamara she could do anything she liked. In the following weeks Tamara and John were happily living together and spend their nights with each other in John’s bed.

A few months later when John and Tamara were laying in bed, John asked “Tamara, you hate all of humankind but why do like to made love with me four times each night?” Tamara didn’t answer. “It’s not that I don’t want, Tamara, I like to have sex with you. But four times each night is a little bit too much, do you understand?” “Maybe, John. But do you’ve a reason why we shouldn’t do that?” This time it was John, who didn’t answer. Instead he decided to rest the issue and to sleep.

John and Tamara had been now together for several months. Although she had confirmed several times that she hated humans, but she seemed to make an exception for John. When one shouldn’t know anything about Tamara before she moved in by John, one would have to conclude that she actually loved John. In the course of time their peaceful coexistence became stronger with the day.

Some days after the first anniversary of her arrival at the space station, Tamara suddenly stood in front of John and she said “John, I want to talk with you. Should we take a seat?” John agreed. When both were sitting beside each other, Tamara put an arm on John. “John, I want to marry you.” The astrobiologist was frightened by her proposal. He was thinking what to respond, while Tamara was hopefully looking at John. Finally he responded “Dear Tamara, I think it will be legally impossible to marry for us. I think you would know that. “Furthermore I thought that you hate all of humankind? So why do want to marry a human like me?” Now it was Tamara who took some time to think on an answer.

“John, you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. You’re so sweet to me. And I really like you. Yes, I still hate humans, because they treat my kind as dirt, but you don’t treat me like dirt. You treat me with love, you’re too different from other humans. So I think you’re the only human being who truly deserves my love, if I think of you, I don’t think you as a human, but for me you’re just John. My sweet John. I’ll love you for ever.” And she gave him a French kiss and so preventing him from responding at her. After she had released him, the biologist started the discussion again. “I believe you if you say you’re loving me. Surely I think you really want to get married with me, but then still we have to deal with the law. So far as I know, the constitution defines marriage as a union between two persons, which each are older than twenty-one, and further the constitution defines a person as a human being, or a descendant of a human being. The condition of age is not a big deal, now, we could wait until you turn twenty-one.” Tamara nodded. “But since you’re not a human being and also not considered as a descendant of a human being, it seems to me that it’s legally impossible that a human and a HSO could marry, unless a change of the constitution will happen, which is more than unlikely…” “Besides all legal issues relating to our possible marriage, I want to know if you want to marry me, first. So, do you want to answer that question, darling?” John toke a breath of air before he responded. “If it would be legal to marry you, I would marry you…” John couldn’t finish his sentence, because Tamara embarrassed him and put again her lips on his. He decided to cooperate with her.

Although they had agreed to marry when it should become legally possible to do so, the law didn’t change. But as John had suspected from the beginning, Tamara’s affection to John was not her only, and even not her most important, reason to marry him. She had realized that if John and she would ask the Federal registrar if they could marry, he or she would reject the marriage, since it would be illegal. But a rejection of the Federal registrar would be an official government action, since the registrar was a representative of the federal president. And any action of the government, including laws and presidential decrees, were subject to review by the Federal Constitutional Council.

“But even then, Tamara, you’re not considered as a human being or a descendant of a human being, and we’ll have even the slightest chance,” John said in one of their many conversations on this subject. “Dear John, I’ve thought on how humanoid synthetic organisms are created. Yes, they toke mainly nonhuman mammalian genes, but they needed some hundred pure human genes, since their was no alternative to them. Where do you think these human genes come from? Yes, from actual humans!” “So you think that the constitutional council will accept that argument?” “The constitution didn’t state you’ve to be a pure blood human to enjoy constitutional protection, a chimpanzee-human hybrid should be granted equal rights, since he would be a descendant of a human being.” “You’re not the result of interbreeding of a human being with whatever other being. So you’re not a descendant of an actual human being.” “That doesn’t matter, what is the meaning of being descendant of someone? That you share, or could share, his or her genes.” But John remained to be skeptical to Tamara’s reasoning, not that he didn’t agree with her, but he thought that the Federal Constitutional Council would reject these reasoning as bull crap, or as whatever more juridical term they would use. But nothing in world seemed to be able to stop Tamara. Her only problem was how to convince John they had a chance to force the Federal Constitutional Council to agree with Tamara reasoning. If they would agree, they had to grant civil rights to HSOs, and that was exactly what Tamara wanted.

“Tamara, are human-HSO marriages possible in your country?” “Er, I believe that the whole institute of marriage is taboo in Satelliteland. Anyway, it’s hard to get married, they have made the procedure very bureaucratic, and that is then in the case of two humans who wanted to marry. And I don’t know of any case of a human marrying a HSO.” “And could two HSOs marry?” “I think it should be possible for free HSOs to marry among my kind. But I also think the government will do anything to discourage that even more than human-human marriages.

“However a lot of HSO owners sleep with their HSO slaves, although I had been saved from that. For example, everyone in Satelliteland knows that president Iris Athasuuri regularly sleeps with her female HSO…” “I’ve heard rumors that Iris is a notorious lesbian.” “That aren’t rumors, it is a fact. She’s a lesbian just like her fucking mother.” “I thought Iris was the daughter of Catharina and an Elysian male senator for Satelliteland, who opposed both HSO slavery and Satelliteland’s independence.” “Yeah, that’s right. But Catharina’s still a lesbian. Iris had been suspected of sexually abusing underage human girls when she was younger.” “What did she do?” John asked indignantly. “I believe she made them preform oral sex on her, while Iris was spanking the poor girls on their bare buttocks.” “How do you know that?” “The brother of the director of the St. Elise rest home, worked for the police. One day he was visiting his brother at his work, I had to serve their lunches. And while I served them the policeman told that they once had a complain about Iris. She wasn’t president yet. I think that her mother covered up the case and probably she paid the girls’ parents a lot of cash to keep them silent.” John’s face displayed a strong sense of repulsion. “So Iris wasn’t punished?” “Not officially, but maybe she got punished by her mom. Possibly she made her daughter preforming oral sex on a HSO, while the latter spanked her. That should be the most humiliating thing in the world for Iris.”

Several months had been passed, when a news bulletin showed a report in which Iris was shown. The President of Satelliteland had announced to shut down all diplomatic relations with Elysia, until they should arrest Tamara and extradite her to Satelliteland or the Elysians had paid some compensation. The president also addressed Tamara herself: “Even if the Elysian government should protect you from extradition you could put a good face on the matter simply by giving you over to the Satelliteland authorities anywhere in the world. In this case we’ll give you a lesser punishment, but if you refuse to give you over, and we should be able to catch you anyway, you’ll get a very severe punishment. It is up to you, Tamara!” At this point John became really angry. “Iris has to accept Elysian sovereignty, she can’t talk like that! Better the federal government will refuse to pay them any fucking money!” John looked straight into Tamara’s brown eyes. “Oh yeah, I think we should definitely marry, or try it at least. Maybe the Federal Constitutional Council will accept your reasoning.” With happiness Tamara gave him a huge hug. In the weeks afterwards John made an appointment with the Federal Registrar. And a few weeks later a letter arrived the space station:

Dear Mr. J. Q. Wheel and Ms T. C. S5234,

Unfortunately I have to reject your request to get married. The reason for our decision is that marriage is currently only allowed for humans. And since Ms. Tamara Celine S5234 is not considered as either a human or a descendant of a human, you cannot marry each other.

With kind regards,

The Federal Registrar Office

“Now we’ve an official government decision we can fight by the Federal Constitutional Council,” said Tamara. “Yes, and we should do it,” John responded. “Only what will be our plan, Tamara?” “I’ll we write a letter to the Federal Constitutional Council, in which I’ll request to review the Federal Registrar Office’s decision.” Tamara wrote the letter and sent him to the Federal Constitutional Council in Ilium Novum. After three months they received an official reaction from the Federal Constitutional Council. They had decided to deal with this case.

Both John and Tamara had to go to Ilium Novum for the hearings. Fortunately an old college friend of John was prepared to temporally replace him at the space station. After a few weeks they arrived in Ilium Novum.

Of course there were also people against John and Tamara. Of course, Rik Veldman had read about the case and he had decided to defend the opposite side. When Tamara heard that he would be present, she wasn’t impressed. “I thought he would do anything to make me unhappy. I’ve been naughty in his eyes, and he still thinks that I deserve punishment. So it is no surprise he’ll be present.”

The hearing began. The council’s chairman opened the sitting. “This is case 2169.231 John Q. Wheel and Tamara C. S5234 versus The Republic of Elysia. The question in this case is whether the Elysian Constitution grants the right of marriage to Humanoid Synthetic Organisms. I’ll give the word first to Tamara S5234.”

And Tamara spoke: “I’ll start my pleading with the meaning of the term Humanoid Synthetic Organism. The first part and by far the most important is ‘Humanoid‘. Humanoid has two meanings, human-like and from human descent. As everyone can see, is that a humanoid synthetic organism like me really looks like a human being. Without using ultraviolet light one can’t distinguish a HSO from a real human. How is it possible that I resemble a human? That’s because in order to create a HSO the involved scientists used one hundred and twelve human genes, okay they used thousands of genes from other mammals like pigs, cows, dogs and monkeys. But the most essential genes which made HSOs useful they took from humans, and they had to take them from actual humans. These genes are by example these which are involved by human intelligence and human anatomy. Summarized, human genes were needed to create Humanoid Synthetic Organisms. I think that the term Synthetic Organism don’t need any further explanation.

“The Elysian Constitution states that only a human or descendant of a human shall be considered as a person, and therefore only they enjoy constitutional protection. I’ll examine what the meaning is of the term descent. Descent is a biological term, it means that your genetic information is derived from somebody else, a so-called ancestor. Since the most essential genes which make HSOs what they are, are derived from humans, we had to conclude that HSOs are descendants of humans, and therefore they should enjoy all the rights granted by the Elysian constitution.” After Tamara had finished her pleading the chairman gave to Veldman the right to speak.

“Tamara is right when she state that we had taken human genes to create humanoid synthetic organisms. But she made a mistake with her abstract descent theory. If we should apply her reasoning we have to consider the famous Herman the Bull as a human being, because he had one single human gene. And if we should consider that enough to call someone human, we should give tomato plants which carry human genes full constitutional protection. The big mistake in Tamara’s reasoning is that she ignores the way how human reproduction works and thereby misunderstood the meaning of descent. Humans and other mammals reproduce by producing gametes, sperm and eggs. By sexual reproduction two gametes form a zygote. That zygote is a descendant of his parents. In the case of cloning a complete nucleus will be injected in an empty egg, but the nucleus originated from a conception of two gametes. By the creation of Humanoid Synthetic Organisms we didn’t use gametes of whatever species, but we used synthetic DNA which was composed of genes of several animals including humans. So HSOs aren’t descendants of any organism. To be complete we used empty rabbit eggs to create HSOs.”

After the professor had finished his contra pleading, the chairman suspended the sitting, so that the council could deliberate. The next session was scheduled a few days later.

That next session was opened again by the chairman. “The Federal Constitutional Council had decided that it would agree with the abstract descendant theory. Therefore the Federal Constitutional Council had decided that the Elysian constitution applies equally to Humanoid Synthetic Organisms as it does to humans. Therefore the decision by the Federal Registrar Office to reject to the request to get married from John Q. Wheel and Tamara C. S5234 is hereby declared unconstitutional.” After the judge had spoken these words professor R. Veldman left furiously the court room. But John and Tamara celebrated their victory.

Several months later, after Tamara had turned twenty-one, the Elysian president, who was chief registrar, asked Tamara “Do you Tamara Celine S5234 want to take John Quentin Wheel as your legal husband?” “Yes, I do.” “Do you John Quentin Wheel want to take Tamara Celine S5234 as your legal wife?” “Yes, I do.” “If anyone has any objection he or she should announce them right now, or they should be silent for ever.” But nobody of the present guests had any objection, so the president said “Then, I declare you to be wife and husband. Congratulations.”

And the wedding would cover the remainder of the entire day.

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