A space prince’s wedding

From the site of the The Elysian Republican:

Today is an exciting day for the residents of the Elysian city of Champ-de-l’Elise, because the city will host the wedding of Elysian native Kimberly Felicia “Kim” Newfields with the Prince of Pacheco, one of the world’s last absolute monarchs. Prince Phillipe-Fréderic di Pacheco is the great-grandson of Prince Victor-Emanuel di Pacheco, the founder of the Principality of Pacheco.

For those who have never heard of the Principality of Pacheco, which is however far from surprising since it is a very small and unimportant country in Outer Space, we will give a short historical overview. Victor-Emanuel became the owner of a spherical space habitat, also known as a Bernal Sphere, when he won a lottery which was organized by the Elysian Magrathea Company (the Elysian state corporation responsible for the building of most space habitats). Victor, who was born as a member of middle-class family, bought for five hundred interplanetary credits a lottery ticket.

Afterwards he named his space habitat after his favorite astronomer, Rafael Pacheco, and subsequently he proclaimed himself as the Prince of Pacheco. Currently his principality has approximately 140,000 subjects, who has almost no influence on the government of their country. Only though the Council of Advice, which members are appointed by random selection, the Prince’s subjects have a say in politics. However this parliament, or whatever you want to call it, has only the power give advice to the prince, who can ignore these at will.

The country’s day-to-day administration is dealt by the Council of State, which members are appointed and dismissed at the Prince’s pleasure. Despite is fundamentally autocratic form of government, most citizens of Pacheco appear to be confident with their lives under the absolute rule of Prince Phillipe-Fréderic. According to objective research more than ninety-nine percent of the population support their government. Political scientists have explained this levels of public support for the absolute government as a result of the fact that most residents of Pacheco are either monarchist immigrants or descendants of such persons and that almost every person opposed to the regime chose to emigrate.

As said above, the Principality has no significant role in international politics and its relevance is mostly due to its status as one of the very few monarchies is in outer space. Most Spacer nations are republics. Todays wedding is above all other things, an expression of Phillipe-Fréderic’s determination to preserve the monarchical form of government, since in case of the extinction of his family the most likely scenario is the annexation of Pacheco by the Republic of Elysia. According to the contract in which the property of the habitat was transferred to Victor-Emanuel, the habitat will return the Elysian Magratea Company in case there will be no heirs.

For long time the rumor has it that the seasoned bachelor Philipe-Fréderic had the plan to guarantee the continuation of his family by adopting an heir. The idea was that Philipe would not be willing to give up his licentious life for a boring domestic one. A slightly different version of this rumor suggests that the Prince was willing to hire a surrogate mother who would be impregnated by artificial insemination. Therefore it was a big surprise when last year the now forty-two-year-old prince announced to marry Kim Newfields, who is nineteen years his junior.

According to some British magazines specializing in human interest stories, the Prince of Pacheco would have met the Elysian university student at a BDSM club in the Elysian capital, Illium Novum, three years ago. The British claim that Prince Philipe has chosen to practise his supposed hobby there, because the anonymity provided by the big city. If we are allowed to believe the British tabloids, then the Prince get into a talk with the then twenty-year-old Kim. She would have told him she was looking for a dominant in order to become his submissive. From this point there are many different stories, but apparently Philipe has offered Kim to be her dominant, at least for some time so the Elysian student could find out whether this was what she was looking for. Kim would have agreed with this proposal and the couple made an agreement to have regularly BDSM session with each other.[One British magazine remarks that these sessions primarily consisted of bondage and flogging.] A notable detail is that Philipe did not tell his partner he was a sovereign head of state, he only informed Kim about this after having dated her for a year.

Though it is far from certain how much we can believe from the rumors as are spread by British tabloid journalists, we are able to conclude that Philipe and Kim developed an intimate and affective bond in the next two years. Eventually he asked her to marry him, Kim should have answered that she wanted nothing more than to be his lifelong submissive. But prior to their wedding the couple faced many problems.

First of all there is the simple fact that Kim is an Elysian citizen, and if she wants to marry a foreign citizen she needs permission from the federal government of Elysia. In case she would marry Philipe without this permission, Kim would irrevocably loose her Elysian citizenship, this rule have been created to discourage sham marriages. After an elaborate investigation by the Elysian secret services, the federal government has decided to grant permission for this marriage. This despite numerous public protests.

In order to please the family of the bride, the couple has decided to held the wedding in Elysia instead of Pacheco. Nevertheless Kim’s father Edward Newfields, prominent professor in physics, has already announced to be absent on his daughter’s wedding because of his political principles. Mr Newfields has been a member of the militant think tank La République Universelle for more than thirty years, this organization argues, among other things, for the abolition of all monarchies in the Solar System by military intervention.

In first instance the couple wanted to get married in the Elise Chapel in Ilium Novum. But the trust who runs the chapel got so many objections from several organizations, that they were forced to refuse their application. One of those objectors is the Elysian Association of Spinozaists, which organizes dozens of lectures in the chapel each year. Further the powerful Elysian Federation of Republican Student Clubs was fiercely opposed that the symbol and heart of Elysian republicanism would be used as a platform for monarchist propaganda. Another objector was the Elysian Youth Corps whose choir perform in the chapel every Wednesday. They have threatened to cease their cooperation with the trust, if monarchists would be allowed to use the chapel.

Eventually Prince Philipe-Fréderic and his fiancée Kim decided to have their wedding at a “neutral” location in the Elysian city of Champ-de-l’Elise. Besides the troubles about the location, there was also the usual critique from religious leaders at the wedding. One should realize that many Spacers have religious objections against the very concept of marriage. The chairman of the Elysian Congregation of Monks has explicitly expressed his disapproval of the intended marriage. Further he has repeated that Elysian monks are strictly prohibited from attending or blessing the wedding, under the penalty of lifelong excommunication.

In the (primarily British) gossip journals there is much speculation about the clothing of the bride and groom. General agreement is that Prince Philipe will wear a pseudo-military uniform, however the rumor has it that instead of a wedding dress or trouser suit Kim will wear a latex catsuit, probably a black one. It is an Elysian custom that the bride’s mother wears a white trousers suit, when she accompanies her daughter to the “altar”. [In Elysia it is prohibited by law to marry inside a religious building, this law mainly exists because of pressure by conservative clergy.] Although it is unclear whether Kim’s mother will keep this tradition, there is no particular reason to assume otherwise.

Some British journalists have suggested that instead of a wedding ring Prince Philipe will place a collar around Kim’s neck, because of the presumed sadomasochistic nature of their relationship. The Prince himself will not wear any ring, complete in line with Spacer traditions. In Spacer culture it is common not to have wedding rings at all, however a significant part of the heterosexual and lesbian couples still opt for a wedding ring. Spacer traditions prescribe that within a heterosexual marriage only the wife will wear a ring, if any. In case of a lesbian marriage, only the younger spouse will have a ring and within a marriage between two men, a wedding ring is extremely rare. Interestingly Elysian law mandates that all wedding rings to be made of platinum, according to some critics the only purpose of this law is to fill the Elysian treasure.

The city council of Champ-de-l’Elise expects tha a great number of anti-monarchists will come into town to demonstrate against the wedding and monarchism in general. But the council also expects numerous Elysian monarchists will show up to support the couple, amazingly there are people in Elysia who are in favor of a monarchy. Because the city council has serious concerns about clashes between republicans and monarchists, extra police units will be on patrol in the city. Further residents of the city have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

It is assumed that after the wedding Kim will be officially referred to as Princess-Consort Felicia di Pacheco, although some British tabloids think that the Prince will give his bride another title: La Soumise princière Kim. Most experts, however, agree that this will not be serious title but rather a pet name for private use. The same tabloids claim that Prince Philipe has built a special BDSM dungeon in his palace, in order to practise his hobby with his submissive partner. This could be true, but there is no evidence whatsoever for these claims.

But more importantly, do we really want to know what the princely couple does in their private live?

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