The Mystery of the Lake Schiller Man

On December 1, 2048 The Elysian Republican reported:

This morning two schoolgirls have discovered the lifeless body of a yet unidentified man on the beach of Lake Schiller. The two young women immediately alerted the local police, who arrived five minutes later. According to a police spokesperson the body belongs to a man aged 40 to 45 years and approximately 180 centimeters long. Forensic detectives are now investigating the cause of death and the identity of the man.

From The Elysian Republican of December 3, 2048:

The identity of the deceased man found on the beach of Lake Schiller two days ago, remains still unknown. To surprise of the Elysian police, no profile in the federal DNA database matched to the profile of the Lake Schiller Man. According the Elysian law every resident and foreign visitor has to submit his or her DNA profile to the federal database and no visas are given to people who refuse to submit their DNA profile to the authorities.

A further challenge for identification of the Lake Schiller Man is that among his possessions no documents have been found, which might give insight about his identity. Detectives are currently conducting a relational DNA inquiry, i.e. investigating whether he is related to any Elysian resident of past visitor to our country. This inquiry might take several weeks, because this type of investigation is more complex.

In regard to the cause of death,  the federal medical examiner has concluded after autopsy, that the LSM most likely died of poisoning. What type of poison might have been used, is currently investigated by toxicologists. The results of this part of the investigation are expected next week.

The autopsy also showed that the Lake Schiller Man most likely died five hours before the discovery of his body by two seventeen-year old women. It is unclear why the man was on the beach two hours after midnight. The police wants to speak with anyone who was in the neighbourhood during the evening of November 30 and the early hours of December 1st.

From The Elysian Republican of December 10, 2048:

In the case of the Lake Schiller Man the authorities have released a photograph of the unknown man. The detectives hope that members of the public will recognize him. Until now all attempts to identify him have failed.

Since the Lake Schiller Man has most likely been poisoned, the police considers this a murder investigation. However, no plausible motive has been established, nor any suspect has been identified. Toxicologists are still busy with investigating what type of poison has killed the unknown man.

The fact that the DNA profile of the Lake Schiller Man is no match to any profile in the national database, has already caused a political uproar. The minister for immigration is currently to subject of much public scrutiny. Critics of the minister have stated that it is highly unacceptable that someone has been able to enter our country without having his DNA registered by the federal government. A few senators have already announced to start impeachment proceedings against the ministers, though the majority in the senate wants to wait until the police has finished its investigations.

From The Elysian Republican of January 14, 2049:

An interesting twist has occurred in the Lake Schiller Man case. Nearly 20 kilometers away from the place where the body of an unidentified man in his early forties has been discovered, employees of a municipal swimming pool have found a suitcase in a locker. Because the locker had not been used for weeks, the staff decided to check it. With a spare key the opened the locker and they found the brown suitcase.

The employees immediately informed the police and they left the suitcase untouched. When the police arrived, forensic specialists removed the suitcase with protective gloves. By a closer examination of the suitcase exposed several DNA traces, further analysis showed that all these traces belong to the Lake Schiller Case.

The police is still investigating the contents of the suitcase, but according to a spokesperson no clues about the identity of the deceased man have been found in the suitcase. Another setback in this investigation is that the swimming pool has already erased its security video images of period in which the Lake Schiller Man has died.

In order to solve this mystery, the Elysian police has contacted terrestrial police forces. Most terrestrial nation currently still lack an exhaustive DNA database of all their citizens, which would be a challenge to resolve the identity of the Lake Schiller Man. Therefore Elysian detectives hope that he will be recognized by his photograph.

The greatest mystery is maybe how someone has been able to enter our country without a valid visa, which cannot be obtained without registration into the national DNA database. The minister for immigration has announced an investigation on possible loopholes in the visa system. However, the number critics of the minister is still growing, as is the call for his resignation. Nevertheless a majority of the electorate still believes the minister could stay in office.

From The Elysian Republican of June 17, 2049:

In the case of the Lake Schiller Man, the police has released new results of the investigation. After running three searches through the national DNA database, detectives have definitely concluded that his DNA profile is not in the database. The DNA profile is also not registered in the databases of neighbouring countries.

A relational DNA inquiry has found no close relatives of the unknown man. Close relatives are defined by the investigators as having a most recent common ancestor who lived after 1900. This a serious setback for the investigation, as a possible relation with Elysian citizens or permanent residents could provide a new line of investigation.

Since the man is born on Earth, shortly after the year 2000, forensic scientists are currently examining the mineral composition of the man’s hair and teeth. This inquiry will give the location where the man was born and the places he has lived throughout his life.

According to the police genetic analysis has indicated that the apparently white man has had at least one black African grandparent. Further it is believed that the Lake Schiller man is also of Eastern European descent.

Toxicological tests ruled out the hundred most common poisons as the cause of death. Forensic scientist Camilla Isdal states that this finding almost certainly rules out suicide as a possibility. As she argues:

“Whatever poison is used, it is a rare poison. A typical suicidal person who use known and available poisons to kill himself. Obviously we have looked at traces and residues of all typical poisons used in suicide, but none of them has been found in the body.

“If poison is the cause of death, a rare poison is used. This would require specialist knowledge and makes murder more likely than suicide. Someone wanted to kill him in such away, that it would leave no traces and hence the choice for a rare poison.”

Interestingly the medical examiner’s reports concludes that the body lacks signs of recent sexual activity. It is unclear whether this is actually an important lead in this investigation.

From The Elysian Republican of June 21, 2049:

New information about the Lake Schiller Man has been released by the police. In the pockets of the yet unidentified man, a piece of paper has been found. The paper appears to be a flyleaf ripped out of a book. The sheet of paper contains a line in print: “My Adventures by V. Swchwrm” and a handwritten text: “Giving up courage can always later”.

“My Adventures by V. Swchwrm” is a book written by Dutch author and poet Toon Tellegen at the end of the last century. It unclear why the man had this paper in this pocket, or why he has written upon it, or whether it is his handwriting at all. But since copies of this book a rare, it might be clue to the man’s identity.

From The Elysian Republican of July 22, 2049:

The Elysian federal police has made an arrest in the Lake Schiller Man case, a young woman was taken into custody earlier this morning. At the moment the suspect is hold for questioning at a police station in Heisenberg. A police spokesperson has denounced rumors that the woman was one of the two person who discovered the body last year.

From The Elysian Republican of July 26, 2049:

The twenty seven-year-old woman who had been arrested four days ago in the Lake Schiller Man case, has been released by the police. She no longer a suspect in the case, according to a police press release.

The reason why the woman had been arrested, was that her fingerprints and traces with her DNA were discovered at a piece of paper found in the pockets of the Lake Schiller Man. On that piece of paper, her email address was written. It is yet unknown whether this is the same piece of paper which was mentioned by the police last month.

According to the police, the woman met the man several days before his death in a bar. Since she was attracted by the man, she approached him and the two persons talked with each other for a couple of hours. Nevertheless the woman was unable to reveal any details about the man’s identity. She also have an airtight alibi for the time of death, the woman was working in a hospital in another settlement.

What the woman and the man have talked about, is not made public. The only which has been revealed by the authorities is that the woman has confirmed that the Lake Schiller Man has declined to have sex with her.

From The Elysian Republican of May 23, 2050:

Several weeks ago the police revealed that on the back of the “My Adventures by V. Swchwrm” flyleaf, something was written in what appears to be Cyrillic capital letters. Since then large amount of speculative theories regarding the Lake Schiller Man case have been proposed by the public.

The Cyrillic text appears to be an encrypted message, since it consists of four lines each with four groups of five letters. Quite interesting, only the first sixteen letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are used, which suggests that the letters are actually hexadecimal numbers. Some people therefore believe that the Lake Schiller Man was a spy, working for some foreign government.

Other theories focus upon the possible motives behind the murder. Most of these theories focus on the only person arrested in this case. Some believe that the arrested (but also released) woman was heartbroken when the Lake Schiller Man had rejected her, and that she because of this was driven into a crime passionnel. The police has ruled out this scenario, however. Investigators believe that after the man and woman had parted, they did not have further contact with each other. Further the woman had no idea of the whereabouts of the man after their only meeting.

Much speculation is there also about the question how the man might have been able to enter Elysia. A popular theory is that man might actually have submitted his DNA profile to the Elysian authorities, but as a result of a mistake on behalf of the Elysian government this profile has not been entered into the national database. Others argue that the man has somehow submitted a false DNA profile.

What is known is that all persons reported missing in Elysia can be ruled out as the Lake Schiller Man, none of their DNA profiles or that of known relatives match with that of the man. The inquiry to the identity of the Lake Schiller Man is still going on, according to the police.


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