Record transfer fee paid

This morning it was announced that Contra Rock Unlimited will pay 1,000,000 terra for the transfer of The Dusty Daisies lead singer Irene DX. According to Alice DuPerron, the manager of Contra Rock Unlimited, this is the highest transfer fee paid in the history of pop music. But she said: 

“This deal is definitely worth its money, since Irene DX is one of the world’s most talented singers.”

Contra Rock Unlimited, one of the most earning bands with an estimated gross revenue of one billion terras last year, had been looking for a new lead singer as their current lead singer Barbara el_P announced last month that she will retire next year. Recently the band also purchased James Bricks, the former Crusty Eagles reserve drummer, for about 700,000 terra.

Irene DX herself was quite excited about her transfer:

“It’s really fantastic! Contra Rock Unlimited plays at the world’s most prestigious festivals, which are informally known as the Grand League. Playing at the Grand League has been my ultimate dream since my early years, so you can understand how happy I am at this moment.”

The news of the transfer has shocked The Dusty Daisies fan base, however. A female fan, who wants to remain anonymous, explained her mixed feelings:

“Yes, I am happy for Irene, as she is a great woman. But her transfer is a great loss for The Dusty Daisies, since this is one of the few international bands which performs in its original composition. These women had been together for seven years. Yeah, most other bands are much older, Contra Rock Unlimited has existed for over five decades, but none of these bands is active with their original members. In the past bands rarely changed their members, rather bands came and went. Nowadays bands will continue to exists, even if all their members has been replaced by others. But can we really say that Contra Rock Unlimited fifteen years ago, is the same music as Contra Rock Unlimited today?”

Transfers are an established part of the world of modern pop music, and there is no sign that this will change anytime soon. This despite a growing revaluation of the age that there were no transfers of musicians between bands, let alone that bands would pay for such transfers.


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