The future of air flight

Vacuum tube trains and hybrid airships are an interesting topic to write about. I will publish a story featuring either vac trains or airships soon on Fascinating Future.

Lagrangian Republican Association

Though space and air flight are as distinct from each other, as air flight and ship transport are from each other, many people do group them together. Therefore we’ll discuss in this post the future of aviation on Earth.

Of all types of aircraft air-planes are the most well-known and together with helicopters the most popular ones. Most air-planes are powered by burning kerosene. Unfortunately petroleum, of which kerosene is made, is going to be depleted in a few decades. And given that simultaneously the amount of air traffic is increasing, flying will become more and more expensive.

For other modes of transportation the depletion of oil is less a problem, ships can be powered by wind, by using kites. Land based vehicles can be powered by electricity and can be recharged along the route. An electric plane is possible but a commercial air plane would need very…

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