Saving the whales

Tonight I had a dream, in which – among other things – whaling ships were attacked by fighter jets (probably of the Dutch Royal Air Force), with the result of the whalers sinking. This dream was actually not a big surprise, whales are after all my favorite maritime animals and in the past I have played with the thought of using (nuclear) submarines to make whaling ships sinks.

Whaling is nowadays condemned by nearly all countries in the world. It seems to me that it is just a little step to declare whaling a crime under international law and to put whalers under the competence of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. If this has been done, then the UN security council has just to pass a resolution to declare whalers to be outlaws.

When whalers are declared criminals under international law, they will no longer be able to have their ships insured at the Lloyd’s of London. So if their ships are destroyed by the armed forces and others, the whalers have to pay new ships themselves and because of the associated high costs (since delivering ships to whalers would be an international crime too), the whalers will inevitably go bankrupt.

Those whalers who will be “lucky” to survive the destruction of their ships, will be arrested and extradited to the ICC. What sentence should these ruthless criminals get? Well, since hunting intelligent animals to extinction fits the definition of genocide, life imprisonment [without the possibility of parole] is the only penalty which fits this crime.

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4 responses

  1. Well, we’ve finally (only just recently) made Japan stop, and that only leaves the Norwegians and Icelanders. Next step will be, of course, the outright banning of all killing of/testing on mammals.

    1. Happily in vitro meat and tissue culture will help here. But you know my opinion on these issues.

      1. Indeed. The sooner it comes on the market, the better.

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