A Whisky Bubble?

People do invest their money in all kind of assets: bonds, deposits, shares, gold, silver, art and wine. And now you can invest in Scotch whisky by a Dutch company, if you have at least 25,000 euros to invest freely. The Scotch Whiskey International BV stores thousands of bottles of Scotch whisky in its own facility in the Netherlands.

Apparently there are extraordinary whiskies which sell for hundreds or thousands of euros, and according to the owner of Scotch Whisky International some of “his” whiskies have a profit of a few hundred percent. Well, that would be nice if you invest your money in whisky.

Personally, I prefer to drink my whisky and I wonder what kind of person would drink a whisky with a price of several thousands of euros.

That people invest in all kind of assets is not very new, in the seventeenth century people did invest large sums of money in tulip bulbs, a period known as the tulip mania – one of the earliest described bubbles. And one wonders whether there will be also a whisky bubble somewhere in the future. For good order, I have no reason to doubt the good intentions of Scotch Whisky International, they are under the supervision of Dutch financial authorities and their business acts as an intermediary.


9 responses

  1. I, too, prefer ti drink my whiskey.
    A few months ago I had there was a brand of whiskey being sold at over 350 euros a tot! somewhere in Nairobi.

    1. Well, 350 euros a bottle is still peanuts. They’re sold for much more. Yet its still amazing. In my local liquor store a large bottle starts at 20 euros, and they easily go up to 50.

      1. A tot, not a bottle.

      2. That is really expensive then.

      3. I don’t know who buys whiskey for that price though.

      4. Neither do I. I guess they have too much money.

      5. too much money with no idea of what to do with it

      6. There enough charities in the world in need of money.

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