The three types of gold bugs

I believe there are three types of gold bugs:

  1. The irrational ones, who are will believe in gold regardless of any argument;
  2. Those who have interests in the gold market and want people to buy gold;
  3. The misinformed ones, who will change their mind when provided proper arguments.

The last group constitutes most people and their attitudes have been the result of their upbringing and education, and their usual lack deeper economic understanding. But this group is not a real problem as they are open to rational argument.

The first group exists of incurable people who will believe and proclaim the craziest non sense regarding gold. Because nothing can be done about them, it would be a waste of time to worry about it.

It is the second group one should really worry about. These are the people who perfectly know that gold is just a shiny metal with little intrinsic worth, but nevertheless still chose to deceive people to believe that gold is everything.


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