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There are several initiatives for a private manned mission to Mars, but none of this is as notorious as “Mars One”. I could write just another post on why I think their whole concept is ridiculous, but there are several articles on the web which criticizes Mars One. Therefore I have put several of these critiques below.

Mars One Mission Could Go Horribly Wrong – If It Ever Gets Off The Ground

The Biggest Flaw in Mars One’s Business Plan

The Early Failure of Mars One And Why It Matters

Nowhere on its website, Mars One deals with any criticism of its project. And that should worry one, as any organization which lacks critical self-reflection is prone to failure.

My prediction regarding Mars One is that they won’t be able to send humans to Mars by 2023, and probably the whole mission will have been cancelled long before – maybe as soon as 2016.

Note: this article solely deals with critique on Mars One, and not on manned missions to Mars in general.


9 responses

  1. One would hope everything would go as planned. 🙂 There is a price to pay for everything. I suppose the price will be paid no matter the cost.
    Your writings always seem to be based on study and examination of information.
    All I can say is I’m not packing my bag yet.

    1. If people have to the money to pay for it, otherwise it will be difficult.

      I don’t like to say thinks that are based on nothing. So I do gather information, before I write something. Nevertheless I could be wrong, hopefully not too often.

  2. Just did a story this morning for the NYT’s about the people hoping to win the one-way ticket.

    1. It’s telepathy. But do you have a link or could you give a short summary of that article?

      1. It’s not free for publication yet, so i’ll send you the text via email, OK.

      2. Yes. Interesting read.

  3. I’m afraid you may be right about this all simply being a foolish dream, and never coming to pass. With sufficient science, resources and government backing, however, it might not be that many years before something like this could become feasible.

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