Satelliteland is another country that features in several stories on this site. Therefore a short “fact” sheet.

Name: The Republic of Satelliteland

Primary location: Greek branch of Jovian Trojans

Form of government: unitary state with strong presidency with limited democracy, right to vote limited to humans-only

Capital city: Leeuwenhoek (named after the discoverer of microbes, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek)

Economic system: plantation economy reliant on slave labour

Official ideology/state religion: mammal supremacism

Founded: 2047, secession from Elysia after abolition of HPA slavery in that country

Role in international relations: middle power

Main allies: Callisto

Main rivals: Elysia

National anthem: The Call of Satelliteland

National sport: field hockey

Featured in: Tamara, International Uproar after Acquittal in Rape Case


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