Alice vs Bob

Case: Alice has paid a thousand credits to Bob in order to sleep with him. However, after she transferred the money to his bank account, Bob refuses to sleep with Alice. Subsequently she sues him in court in order to compel him to fulfill his part of the contract.

Question: Can Bob be compelled to sleep with Alice?

Consideration: There is a constitutional right on bodily integrity, i.e. no person has to accept any interference with his or her body without his or her consent. As a constitutional right bodily integrity cannot be easily put aside by others, let alone by the court system, only reasons of direct emergency is a proper justification to suspend this right. However, no such direct emergency does exist in this case.

Nevertheless, the defendant has by acceptance of the money from the plaintiff, agreed to sleep with her. Hence the plaintiff had a justified expectation to sleep with the defendant. Therefore the defendant’s refusal to fulfills his part of the contract, means that his acceptance of the plaintiff’s money constitutes an ill gotten gain.

Conclusion: The defendant cannot be compelled to sleep with the plaintiff, as was demanded by her, but the defendant has, however, failed to comply with the contract. Therefore, the defendant has to return the money he had received from the plaintiff within a reasonable period of time.


8 responses

  1. Return the money with interest plus court fees and lawyer fees.

    1. Yes. But thanks for the 100th like on this site.

      1. I bet you would just fulfill the agreement. LOL

      2. Anytime! I don’t like being dragged to court if we can settle contracts out of court lo

      3. More people should think that way.

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