Country file – part 3: Fempower Republic

Fempower Republic is country that will feature in an upcoming story. Hence a short “fact sheet”.

Name: The Fempower Republic

Primary location: Sun-Earth Lagrange points

Form of government: matriarchal republic, unitary state, suffrage limited to female family heads

Capital city: none

Economic system: mutualism

Official ideology/state religion: feminism

Founded: 2050s

Role in international relations: middle power

Main allies: Elysia, Confederation of Socialist Republics

Main rivals: none

National anthem: none

National sport: Ultimate Disc

Featured in: TBA


5 responses

  1. Founded: 2050 😦 I want to be a founding father or mother!!!!!
    National Anthem: none 😦 Don’t these people know how to sing?

    1. Well, if you manage to live up to 2050, you could be a founding mother.

      Maybe, you could start with the national anthem, if you have a suggestion, I would update the fact sheet. A title would be sufficient, at least for the moment.

      1. Don’t think I will make it till 2050. 😦
        My great grandmother lived to be 100. Maybe you could move the founding date up a decade. 🙂

      2. I could do that, but that run in troubles with the fictional timeline of this site.

      3. I don’t want to be known as a trouble maker. So carry on. 🙂

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