Speculations on Star Travel

Good contemplation on inter-stellar travel. The issues addressed by Norbert Haupt are one of the reasons why mundane science fiction focus on events set on Earth or within the Solar System.

Norbert Haupt

Star Travel is an immensely fascinating topic to me and I have spent decades marveling about its possibilities, opportunities, effects and of course its viabilities. I have read dozens of books about star travel, mostly science fiction novels, but also some scientific books that seriously analyze star travel and what it might entail.

First I need to define what I mean by star travel. It’s not flying, of course, and it’s not space travel as we know it today. Besides the few Apollo moon missions between 1969 and 1974, space travel for humanity has been nothing but low earth orbit jumps. We haven’t really left the gravitational well of our planet. We are now contemplating interplanetary trips, like missions to Mars. Those are still decades away from reality given today’s technology and budgetary environment.  Part of missions to Mars is a return to Luna first.

Star travel means leaving the…

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