Shutting down Windows 7

I did it. I replaced windows 7 with Linux Mint on my mother’s old notebook and hence I have now my first windows free computer. There were a few hurdles to be taken, but it was worth all struggles.

Since this month microsoft is phasing out its support for windows 7, which will completely be terminated by 2020. So there is no loss in removing windows 7 from a disposed computer – my mother bought a new one recently – and installing Linux on it.

I have used Linux (Ubuntu) as my principal OS since 2009, but always in dual-boot with windows. However, I will build a new computer later this year and I will install Linux (I have yet to decide on a distro) on it. This time I will use virtual box for running windos rather than using dual-boot.

Every time I use windows, I am reminded why I dislike windows. Linux has been proven to be my favorite OS, so I will stick with it. What about apple? Save for all technical issues with apple products, I do not like apple because it is a cult. I have never owned anything made by apple, nor I will ever by anything from apple.

For me Linux represents reason and liberty, two values which I find important.

PS All my SF stories are set in a future in which both microsoft and apple have disappeared in favor of Linux.


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  1. PS All my SF stories are set in a future in which both microsoft and apple have disappeared in favor of Linux

    This made me laugh.
    I have the same feeling about apple users. It’s like a cult following

      1. that was a nice read. Thanks for sharing

  2. I shut down Windows in 2008 in favor of Linux! Good for you. I do dual boot with Vista….just because. Hate Vista.
    I could tell you the best distro to choose. 🙂 Or at least give it a try.

        I haven’t tried any of the others, but I haven’t had any major problems. If I had problems, it was because I didn’t understand something or did something I shouldn’t have been doing. 😦 Always someone to help too.

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