On graphic calculators

At age fifteen I had to obtain a graphic calculator (a TI-84 Plus) for school. I did not own a cell phone till I was seventeen, but I bought my first “smart phone” at my eighteenth and for some time I was one of the first of my classmates to own a smart phone.

My question is do we really need separate graphic calculators? Or would it not be simpler just to develop an app your can install on your smart phone, which will do the same things a graphic calculator does? After all, modern smartphones are more computer than phone, aren’t they?

I can only produce one reason in favor of graphic calculators over smartphones. Namely, that the former have no internet access – at least my TI-84 does not have it – unlike the latter. Access to internet is a problem in exams, as it allows students to cheat on their exams.

Nevertheless, in all other circumstances I see no reason to prefer graphic calculators over smartphones. And when my father and I went to register to pay for my graphic calculator, the girl behind the desk told us that she used her TI-84 mainly to play games on it.


7 responses

  1. I don’t have a smart phone or a graphic calculator. Maybe you would calculate for me…….how many years ago was it that you got your graphic calculator when you were fifteenth?

      1. I suppose I should have just come out and asked. lol
        Let me know about the OS. 🙂

      2. You will be kept informed.

  2. The little math I do daily can be done on the simple calculator on my phone or computer. I have no need for an extra calculator

    1. I often use the calculator on my notebook, just because I am too lazy to walk a few feet to grasp my calculator.

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