Do I oppose science?

Some might conclude that because I am skeptical about materialism and physicalism, I somehow reject science. This is, of course, utter nonsense. According to the English Wikipedia article on matter, different scientific disciplines use the term matter in different – not necessarily compatible – ways.

Though many scientists would consider themselves to be materialists or physicalists, science itself does not prescribe these positions. Science is first of all, a method to systematically observe the world around us. The aim of science is to find explanations for the things we observe.

That most scientific inquiry is concerned with the material world, does not imply or require that materialism is true. So while I accept scientific explanations, I am not compelled to accept materialism.

I fully embrace science as the method to deepen our understanding of our universe. In fact, I am very reluctant when to it comes to “other ways of knowing”. Though there many unsolved problems in science, which give room for speculation, unless there is evidence for such speculation we should not consider it as “truth”.


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  1. It took me many years to understand that science is a method for understanding the world. It was either taught as a set of facts or perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention.
    The word skeptic has such a bad reputation. When Ash Wednesday comes around I think I will write it on my forehead.

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