The case for a Romani state

From “The History of the 21st Century” by Marcelson & Teller (eds.)

Antiziganism is still widespread in these days. In virtually all societies where Romani people live, they face harsh discrimination and indifference from the authorities for their security. All evidence suggest that intolerance against this people has only increased since the Hitler era.

It is therefore clear that Romani people should take matters in their own hand. By now anyone should understand that members of the Romani nation can only be save in their own country. Yes, I am talking about a national home for the Romani – their very own state.

Only in a Romani majority society, they will be save from discrimination and a renewed threat of extermination. The Romani are a people, with their own language and culture, and hence the has a right to self-determination.

Not only will a national home provide Romani with security, it will also further their intellectual and economic progress. Free from discriminatory oppression the Romani nation will finally be able to flourish…

Excerpt from a speech at the 2030 International Romani Congress.


1. What was the main inspiration for a national home for the Romani people?

2. Why would some Romani oppose the idea of their own state?

[This text is fiction]


3 responses

  1. You didn’t say there was going to be an exam at the end.
    #1. The right to self determination
    #2. The uncertainty of flourishing as an independent state

    1. Oh, you did not need to answer the question. They were included only to simulate a school text book. Nevertheless, I like the answers you gave.

      1. makagutu peeked and copied my answers. 😦

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