A discussion

Two men were sitting in a saloon. Though no one paid them any attention, their discussion could have a huge impact on the life of anyone in the saloon, both employees and visitors alike. The main topic of their conversation was the very fabric of society, but the two men were clever enough to speak in a little known foreign language.

“The increasing number of free HPAs is becoming a problem,” one of the men said. “The more common free HPAs become, the more likely it will be that enslaved HPAs will revolt. Till recently our slaves considered their enslavement as the natural order of things. The emergence of the free HPA is challenging the obvious idea of mammal supremacy, it undermines the self-evident right of intelligent mammals keep humanoid pseudo-animals as slaves.”

His partner in conversation said:

“What do you propose? That free HPAs are re-enslaved? I don’t think that will work. The only thing that could be achieved is that slave-owners will be forbidden to free their slaves. But even then, the number of free HPAs will multiply naturally.”

“I agree,” the other said, “re-enslavement will be improbable. My proposal is to deport all free HPAs to Elysia. If there are any decent men in that country, they should take them. After all, they are the ones who want us to abolish HPA slavery, only to export their robots to our country.”

“What if the Elysians will refuse to cooperate or if our free HPAs will resist deportation?” “If Elysia will refuse to take those, then we should set up some colony ourselves. And if free HPAs are not cooperative either, then they’ll be arrested as illegal aliens. Plain and simple, my friend.”

His friend was hesitating.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Do you really think this would be achievable in our political system? Though free HPAs can’t vote themselves, but they have sympathizers among unionist politicians and even some nationalist representatives are vulnerable to their plight.”

“I don’t care about unionists. If they do want to live under Elysian rule so deeply, they should move to their beloved country instead of championing annexation. In my opinion, they are hypocrites at best and traitors at worst. The department of prosecution should do anything to stripe those bastards of their right to vote. That would make politics a lot easier in this country.”

“Well, if we would do that,” the other replied, “the international community will condemn us for such undemocratic act.” “The hell with the international community. As if they are so democratic. The Fempower Republic for instance, exclude adult males from politics entirely. And don’t forget our primate friends in the RGS, who disenfranchise humans. They are so many different societies to choose from, we can easily do without democracy. Vote with the feet if you don’t like your country. Long live this Nozickian paradise known as the Solar System!”

“You are ambitious, very ambitious. You want to remove the opposition from the House of Representatives in order to push such a controversial law. Though I agree you with you on several points, I don’t think this is realistic. Maybe we should stimulate voluntary emigration of free HPAs, by offering financial rewards.”

“Even that proposal, though attractive if it would work, will be opposed by the unionist opposition. Given their push for voting rights for free HPAs. If free HPAs will be given voting rights, that will be the end of our country, as the next step will be, the abolition of HPA slavery, inevitable then. For that reason alone the free HPAs are a serious problem.”

“And you don’t think that slave-owners will leave the country when the abolition would seem to become inevitable?” “They could, but it’s unlikely. They would need to establish new colonies, as no country will accept HPA slaves. And these new colonies will suffer hardship in maintaining themselves as other space nations will boycott them. Only our country could provide a safe home for slave-owners, and if that home collapses, it’s over.”

“I see. And after abolition slave-owners will be prosecuted, threatened with compensation claims.” “That’s very likely, and I would rather commit suicide than to surrender to an abolitionist regime.”


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