The Lesbian Colonization Society

A political lesbian is not simply a lesbian who is engaged in politics, that would be a lesbian politician.

– Mary Elizabeth Green, professor political science at the University of Ilium Novum –

The Lesbian Colonization Society, founded in the 2050s, was a non-profit organization devoted to lesbian separatism. In line with its ideology of political lesbianism the group believed that women should secede from “male dominated society” and that women should cut off all relations with men.

Two technological developments were crucial in the founding of the Lesbian Colonization Society. The first one was the establishment of the first free space habitats in the 2030s. This made the prospect of true secession more viable, as a “lesbian utopia” could be established far away.

Secondly was the progress in reproductive medicine which made it possible for two women to have a child without any involvement of males. Consequently the whole raison d’être of males had become obsolete as they were unnecessary for human reproduction. This view was strengthened by the fact that two females can only conceive daughters but not sons.

According to political lesbianism, a sub-stream of feminism, heterosexuality perpetuates the oppression of women, and hence women need to cut off all intimate relationships with men. As alternative political lesbians propose that women should seek friendship, companionship and love with their fellow women instead of men. Women who sleep with men, are considered to be traitors of “womanhood” and culprit to their own oppression.

For political lesbians “lesbianism” is as such not about sex, as abstention from sex with men would be sufficient in their view. Celibacy and asexuality are accepted by political lesbians, as is a pure platonic love between two women. In this context it is worth noting that modern reproductive medicine does not rely on sexual intercourse.

Political lesbians reject the idea that heterosexuality is a natural preference for most women. Instead they argue that the preference for heterosexual relations is the result of the social structure and hence sexual orientation is fundamentally a political choice. Lesbianism is then seen as the rejection of patriarchy.

The Lesbian Colonization Society had been controversial during its entire existence. Their critics were everywhere, both in more traditional circles as in the broader feminist movement. Even some lesbians expressed vocal criticism of the LCS. One prominent lesbian and feminist activist went so far, that she en public engaged in French kissing with a male.

Nevertheless the lesbian separatists went on with their project. During the first decades of its existence the LCS experienced a slow but steady growth of their membership. Most of the early members were women who got disappointed with their previous relationships with men and had subsequently lost their faith in the other sex.

Things changed for the better in the early 2090s when a certain Tamyris joined the Lesbian Colonization Society. The young woman had experienced bisexual feelings since young age, but radically broke with men at age sixteen(*).

Tamyris was good news for the Lesbian Colonization Society in two ways. In the first place she was a very charismatic person who was able to attract a large audience and to articulate the lesbian ideal is simple words. Secondly she was very, very wealthy and when she joined the LCS, Tamyris donated her entire wealth to this group.

Due to this act of generosity the Lesbian Colonization Society was able to purchase a space habitat and to sail the colony to beyond the orbit of Neptune. When the lesbian colonists arrived there, they proclaimed the Queendom of Amazonia and they crowned Tamyris as their Queen. With the realization of their goal, the LCS was dissolved in 2107.

(*) The reasons of her break with men at age sixteen is subject of much speculation. A popular hypothesis is that Tamyris was in love with one of her male teachers, but that he rejected her love. As result the heart-broken school girl swore to abstain from men for ever.


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  1. Am almost certain there is someone somewhere with such a dream

    1. You should look up “political lesbianism” at Wikipedia. It’s a serious movement.

      1. Good read. Only our friend is thinking of space colonization in term of surface-based settlements rather than of free space settlements.

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