A possible timeline to the Mirandan War

In the future history of the fictional universe of this site, the “Mirandan War” is an important event as it is the first major war since the Second American Civil War. Here a possible timeline of events up to the Mirandan war (subject for revision):

2017: TTIP negotiations definitely break down

2018: EU signs free-trade treaty with Russia and Turkey, establishing the Eurasian Free-Trade Zone

2020: Mongolia joins the Eurasian Free-Trade Zone

2025: Iran joins Eurasian Free-Trade Zone

2030: Begin of the Second American Civil War

2035: Elysia established as first space-based nation

2035-2050: numerous independent space countries declare independence, including the Confederation of Socialist Republics, the Fempower Republic and the Kingdom of El Dorado

2038: End of the Second American Civil War resulting in the dissolution of the USA which ceases to exist

2043: first manned landing on Mars

2048: The Eurasian Free-Trade Zone becomes the Eurasian Confderation

2051: Mars becomes a sovereign nation

2052: League of Asteroid Settlers established by independent settlers in the Asteroid Belt

2060: The Federation of Asteroid Republics established by the League of Asteroid Settlers, despite its anarchistic principles

2070s: first manned mission to Saturn’s moon Titan

2085: Establishment of the Republic of Titan

2105: first manned mission to Miranda (moon of Uranus)

2110: Both Elysia and the FAR establishes permanent bases on Miranda

2115: After a violent incident on Miranda between FAR and Elysian citizens, Elysia declares war to the FAR, start of the Mirandan War


7 responses

  1. Love how well planned, thought out this is! I know it’s a difficult task, and one you’ve done wonderfully!

  2. Brother you even have wars planned out!

    1. Well, it’s fiction. I hope am not predicting anything.

      1. Not at all, but you know it can always be prophecy

      2. At least we can only hope my works of fiction won’t end up in some “holy book”. (You know, I believe that parts of the bible are actually ancient novels not meant to be considered as truth.)

      3. You can only hope.

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