The Elysian League of Asexuals

The Elysian League of Asexuals (originally the Elysian Anti-Sex League, but changed its name due to its Orwellian connotation), better known as ELA, is a major player in Elysian politics. Though not a political party itself, many prominent politicians are in some way affiliated with the ELA and hence this organization is quite influential in Elysian politics.

The essence of their philosophy is that sexuality is sees as a negative aspect of terrestrial culture and that civilization is antithetical to sexuality. According to the ELA sexuality is a hurdle to moral and social progress and that gender-equality is compromised by it. For these reasons the organization seeks to promote asexuality and its societal acceptance.

Their efforts are not without success. Elysia is the most tolerant country for asexuals and in no other country an as large part of the population self-identifies as asexual. About fifteen percent of Elysian say they are asexual and nearly ninety-five percent has a positive image of asexuals. Interestingly sixty-two percent of the Elysian population agrees that sexuality is a negative aspect of human nature and that sexuality is the cause of many social problems.

It is no surprise that the ELA is a strong proponent of in vitro fertilization and artificial uteri. And Elysia is the leading nation in IVF as about seventy-five percent of all newborns are conceived in this manner, a number that is expected to increase even further.

Though asexuality is considered the norm in Elysian society, most citizens are more accurately described as “autosexuals”, i.e. relying on various forms of masturbation for sexual satisfaction. Since autosexuals do not publicly display their sexual preferences, they are counted as asexuals. Together asexuals and autosexuals constitute the majority of the population.


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