The Urando Series: An Introduction

The stories in the Urando series are completely unrelated to the other stories on this site, to put it in other words, they constitute a completely different universe than those set in the Elysia universe.

The major difference between these two fictional universes are that the stories in the Elysia series are set in the future, whilst the stories in the Urando series are set in the present and the past.

Urando, a planet at about 100 light-years away from us, is inhabitant by people whose ancestors had been relocated from Earth some 25,000 years ago. This relocation was done as an experiment by a mysterious extraterrestrial race of intelligent beings. Little is known about this race/civilization, and in Urandan literature they are referred as “the Angels”.

Earth and Urando are quite similar to each other. Both planets are orbiting a G-type main sequence star – the people of Urando call their star “Suya”- and both planets have a relatively large moon. Urando is slightly larger than Earth.

Politically Urando is divided into forty sovereign states (against the 193 members of the UN). Of these nations, the Commonwealth of the Gramatic Union (Gramatia) and the Benyan Republic are the two most powerful ones. Their political rivalry goes back 2,500 years ago and shapes the very nature of international politics on the planet.

Gramatia is the eldest, still existing state on Urando. In size the country is fifty percent larger than Russia and has about 2.5 billion inhabitants (a third of the total number of people on the planet). It is form of government could be described as a parliamentary monarchy, its monarch (the emperor) plays a significant political role.

Benya is slightly larger than Canada and has about 1.5 billion inhabitants. The country is a neighbour of Gramatia and is located north of that country. Benya has been founded by nobles who had been banished from Gramatia during the time that country was unified by the armies of emperor Pimple.

Other noticeable countries on Urando are Fruitania, Czezr and Collia.

For some unknown reason, probably due to a freak mutation, about 99.9 percent of the Urandan population has blue hair en purple eyes. Their skin colour varies from white to yellow and brown, really dark-skinned people are extremely rare on the planet. Nevertheless Urandans frown upon racism.


2 responses

  1. That’s a great background for a story.

    1. Thanks. I started with this story line at age seven and has developed ever since. The name “Urando” was created by a childhood friend of mine.

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