History of Urando

Before we can continue to the stories of the Urando series, we need to discuss the planet’s history in more detail. Basically we can distinguish three major eras in the history of Urando.

The first period starts about 25,000 years* ago and ends about 10,000 years ago. From this period no written records exists and all we know about this era is based on archaeological findings and oral traditions.

From 10,000 years ago we have written inscriptions, mostly ideograms. This era also sees the emerge of the first agricultural settlements. The second era is characterized by small, regional states but no serious powers with real influence beyond its immediate neighbourhood. Nevertheless international trade flourishes despite the lack of strong states.

The third and current era begins with the foundation of Gramatia as state, 2,500 years ago. Within a ten-year period an army under command of Pimple managed, through a combination of political alliances and military conquest, to put an area of approximately 20 million square kilometers under a single government.

That Pimple and his successors has been able to maintain their rule over such a large area can be explained as follows. First of all, Pimple respected the autonomy of local communities and ensured their democratic governance. Further he gave all inhabitants a stake in imperial politics by creating a senate which consists of representatives from the entire empire.

With the rise of the Gramatian Empire its main rival, Benya, was simultaneously created. Pimple’s army disposed hundreds of local rulers, who together with other people who opposed the Gramatian Empire were banished from the area controlled by Pimple’s government. These people, theĀ Bena (= those who are forced into exile), fled to the north, were the created their own state: Benya.

Dryton I, Pimple’s son and successor, was eager to expands his country northward and he invaded Benya. This resulted in the first Gramatian-Benyan war. And combined with the resentment about their banishment among the Benyan elite, is the start of a rivalry between these two nation which goes on to the day of today.

The foundation of Gramatia and Benya, started a chain reaction. Other people started to form their own nation-states, either motivated by fear for Gramatia or Benya, or by admiration of Pimple’s success. In the next 150 years the forty countries of Urando were established.

*Terrestrial years are used here


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