The Mars One Deception

4,227 is the number of actual applicants for the one way trip to Mars fantasized by Lansdorp & Co. In total 202,586 people did admit an application but only 4,227 did pay the required fee and only those who did were in the race for the one-way ticket. The 202,586 “mars one” proudly touted with, were simply all people who submitted their name and email address on their site.

Since only the paying applicants were part of their selection process, only the 4,227 number counts – not the 202,586 Lansdorp & co were talking about all this time. This seems to be a clear-cut case of “creative bookkeeping”, which is a crime in many countries (including the Netherlands).

When mars one was launched, they hoped the receive 500,000 applicants – they did not even come close. I imagine Lansdorp & co were panicking and so the decided to count everyone who showed even the slightest sign of interest in their phantom mission as an “applicant”.

Creative bookkeeping and playing with words (i.e. redefining what the counted as applicant) strengthens the idea this whole endeavor is nothing but a scam (or at least a hoax), instead of a serious mission to Mars.

Seriously I can’t understand why people still believe in mars one. Their plans are heavily flawed and critique is ignored or played down by Lansdorp & co, their projected budget is laughably low and their intended way of raising revenue is simply idiot.

Yes, I understand that people are fascinated by the idea of colonizing Mars. But now, two/three years later, mars one has nothing to show for. No contract for their fancy reality show, no simulation outpost. Nothing.

It’s a castle in the air, a mirage.

Source: MarsExchange ~ The (pseudo)science of screening astronauts


8 responses

  1. It is to fool people but not as easy to convince them they have been fooled

  2. They jumped in because they want to be part of something larger than they are.

    1. To be part of a grand hoax 🙂

      1. Hoax!?? Never 😉

      2. Some people just want to be fooled, don’t they?

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