New Greece

In Elysian politics the term “New Greece” is used to refer to the Greek branch of the Jovian Trojans. These are the asteroids located in orbit around the fifth Sun-Jupiter Lagrange point, or SJL5 for short.

New Greece also includes the human settlements in this region, in a similar fashion we use the term “Europe”. Because the abundance of mineral resources there, New Greece plays an important role in Elysian politics.

Originally Satelliteland was the most prominent Elysian colony in New Greece, until its independence in 2147. Since then these two countries compete for dominance in the region. Clearing its neighbourhood from Elysian influence is the primary objective of the foreign policy of the Satelliteland government.

The Elysians, however, consider control of New Greece as a necessity in order to secure their transport routes to the outer planets – and Uranus in particular. Hence they seek to maintain their presence in the region. Radical Satelliteland nationalists believe that the Elysians actually seek to invade their country and to restore Elysian rule.

Besides Satelliteland and Elysian settlements, New Greece is home to other human communities. These are relatively small and have to manoeuvre between these two powers. Both Elysia and Satelliteland seek to get these settlements on their side, not in the last place by bribing them with “gifts”.


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