The Three Evil Objects

This is an excerpt from “The Physics of the Darkest Arts” by H. M. Berkeley jr PhD.

There are three objects of which the possession is sufficient for a life sentence. These objects are the cheating pencil, the robot disturber and the evilest object ever made by man, the dwinger.

All these objects are made illegal for the same reason: they are dangerous for the security of the state. The cheating pencil is considered to be a threat as it could be used to commit fraud with the civil service exams. Of the robot disturber we can only be short on why it is prohibited: people can use it against SWAT robots in order to escape arrest.

The dwinger got its name from the Dutch verb “dwingen”, which means to coerce and coercion is exactly what is the purpose of this evil object. By using a dwinger one can coerce another human being to submit to one’s will.

Our society’s devotion to individual liberty is the paramount is reason to outlaw this very dark object. A person who has been the victim of the dwinger will essentially become the user’s slave for the period of one month.

Fortunately the production of a dwinger is a complicated and difficult process, which only a very few people will be able to master.

The first step of this process is the creation of the core, which requires the synthesis of a diamond. However, this has to be a very special type of diamond, namely one that has semiconducting properties. And even very specific semiconducting properties are required.

It will be clear that the production of a suitable diamond is a though process. In fact it is the most difficult and the most critical part of producing a dwinger.

The next step is to make the circuit, which besides the core diamond will consist of several other minor diamonds of the same quality. Important to note is that pure gold is required for the wiring between the diamonds.


In order to use a dwinger efficiently one needs to understand the basics of this device. A lot of wild stories go around about the workings of the dwinger, but none of them really grasps the essence of the dark physics which enables this technology.

What the dwinger does is changing the electromagnetic fields which are present in the human brain. If we would connect a random person to a EEG and subsequently submit him to a dwinger, we will see how the brain waves will change because of this.

Nevertheless, the modified state of the brain is inherently unstable and will start to decay as soon as the dwinger has been applied. This is the reason why a person is only bound by the dwinger for a short period, a month on average.

The question why one needs to look at the eyes of the victim, could be answered easily. The retina is the most vulnerable part of the human nerve system and gives direct access to the brain. However, it is wrong to understand this as implying that blind people would be immune for the dwinger, they are not.


Contrary to many urban legends, dwingers can be destroyed. In fact the destruction of a dwinger is quite straightforward and relatively easy, compared to the efforts needed to make one.

First, one need to remove the diamond core from the device and to burn it in liquid oxygen. Remember that diamonds are made from carbon.

Most trouble one will find in destroying a dwingers, is to lay hands on one. Anyone who owns such device will not linger it around, as it could be used against the owner. So it is either kept with him or locked up in a safe. Stealing a dwinger from someone who carries it, is something I would no one advice to do. Chances are that one will be become the next victim of the dwinger.



The concepts used in this “story” are borrowed from the works of Dutch SF writer Tais Teng. The cheating pencil (“spiekpotlood”) and the robot disturber (“robotstoorder”) are borrowed from “Gevlucht voor de Tijdpolitie” (“On the run for the time police”); and the “dwinger” comes from “De heerser van Mordan” (“The ruler of Mordan”).




9 responses

      1. The concept of three evil objects

      2. Okay. They’ll return soon. But I thought it would be useful to write a little background about this objects.

        Though the cheating pencil is by far not as evil as the dwinger.

      3. Quite on the contrary! A pencil can convince entire populations to act horribly for years, decades, centuries, whereas the dwinger is limited to the abuse and coercion of just one person at a time, and only for 1 month.

      4. Interesting perspective, thanks for this thought – I will make good use of it.

      5. Anyway, do you have any thought about the “robot disturber”?

      6. Not really. Not from what was offered. It’d be far more dangerous if it could shapeshift and become the human master. That would be terrible for human society because robots (pretending to be humans) would lift the bar (the standar of everything) impossibly high. Sports, math, science, business, stock trading, even the arts would be pushed beyond real human capacities… as such, making us redundant. The temptation, though, for the shapeshifting robot owner to play this game (to get ahead by cheating) would be, possibly, too great to resist. So, the danger is: human greed renders us redundant.

      7. The robot disturber is simply a device designed to cause a robot to malfunction. But I will come to that one later.

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