The Three Evil Objects (continued)

This is an excerpt from “The Physics of the Darkest Arts” by H. M. Berkeley jr PhD.

As previously said, the cheating pencil is together with the robot disturber and the dwinger, one of a few evil objects of which its possession merits a life sentence.

The cheating pencil got its name from its original purpose: to enable cheating on (school) exams. As such they were marketed to schoolchildren by the original manufacturers, from the late 2050s.

It should be no surprise that cheating pencil were banned soon after they became commercially available and schools took measures to keep those thing out of their premises.

The cheating pencil is a self-writing pencil, which is possible because it is stabilized by gyroscopes. Further it contains the entire Wikipedia (in eight different languages), stored at a long strain of DNA.

The only thing the user needs to do, is to tell the cheating pencil what to write about and further one can sit and wait.


What makes the cheating pencil an evil, dark object? It is not the power of rhetorics as any skilled rhetorician could use any ordinary pencil to write inflaming texts. The only advantage of a cheating pencil is that a demagogue could dictate his texts instead of tiring his own arms.

One should not overstate the intelligence of a cheating pencil, as not knowledge but creativity is the true measure of intelligence. And cheating pencils possess no creativity whatsoever.

No person who is not a talented writer in his on right, will be able to produce great works of literature with a cheating pencil.

To put it in other words, a cheating pencil is a tool which reproduces knowledge, but does not add to the knowledge of humanity.


Cheating pencils are rare objects these days, not in the last place because paper examinations are quite obsolete in our time. Nevertheless these things can do great harm, regardless in whose hands they are.

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  1. that would take cheating in exams to a whole new level

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