Time travel and romance

Time travel and romance? Honestly I haven’t heard about before today either. But this is apparently a subgenre of the romance novel. As the name suggests a time-travel romance is a romance which involves, well big surprise, time travel.

Personally romance novels are not my thing, neither as writer nor as reader (as a general rule I write stories I would like to read). Also I am quite reluctant to write about time travel as it often gives me headaches. Nevertheless it’s my professional or academic curiosity as writer to study other genres and to investigate what they have to offer.

Fortunately Anne Marble has written a short guideline how to write a time-travel romance, which can be found here. It’s an interesting read, which I could recommend any writer. One interesting point Ms Marble makes is the issue of the mechanics of time travel.

According to her readers of this type of fiction don’t want a scientific explanation of time travel and abhor the very word time machine. Instead she argues that the readers prefer some magical way of time travel, fantasy rather than science.

But I like her final comment the most. Mock with conventions, for instance sending alpha males back into the dark ages, only to find a dominant noble woman.


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  1. Romance novels are not my cup of tea but once in a while I can read one

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