The ZM-universe: the laws of citizenship

In the ZM-universe, an absurdist society I invented some years ago, citizens are supposed to follow the following laws, known as the laws of citizenship.

  1. A Citizen may not injure The Government;
  2. A Citizen must cooperate with The Government except when such cooperation would violate the first law;
  3. A Citizen must protect its own existence as long as this does not violate the first law;
  4. A Citizen may do as it sees fit, except when this would violate the first, second or third law.

The main plot is a conspiracy of ZM and her accessory N44 to take over The Government (colloquially known as The Gov). It’s obvious that ZM does not care much about the above laws.


One response

  1. Not to detract from your very great post, allow me to share some graffiti friends had in their campus rooms
    1. The host is always right
    2. If the host is wrong consult rule 1

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