In the chairman’s office

The chairman of the senate, a lifelong advocate of celibacy, was sitting behind his desk in his office, while another man stepped into his office.

“Your excellence, I am glad that you want to speak with me,” said the latter. “Sir, I have read your report and I am glad that you have sent it to me, rather than to the prime minister.” The second man, who happened to be both an astronomer and a priest said:

“Your excellence, the political consequences of my discovery are too great to be dealt with by opportunistic populist politicians like our prime-minister.”

“Sir,” said the senator, “I have sent a copy of your report to her majesty, since I trust our monarch a lot more than our prime minister.”

“So do I, for all she is the head of the clergy and therefore my superior. But do you know her majesty’s opinion on my discovery?”

“Of course I do, sir. Our beloved monarch strongly agrees with your position that further investigations are required and that our secret service has to carry out the mission you have proposed.”

“But excellence, who can we trust to be sent on this mission?” “Well, your granddaughter is currently employed by the secret service, isn’t she? And she is loyal to both her majesty and the national religion, and more importantly she serves directly under her majesty. So she is not accountable to the prime minister.”

“I don’t know,” the astronomer-priest said. “She is very loyal and devoted to her majesty and our country, but she’s still young and inexperienced. My granddaughter is trustworthy, for sure but…”

“Are you afraid for her safety?” the chairman asked. “Not something I would be surprised of, on the contrary. I don’t know whether those folks can be trusted as they do not trust each other.”

The other nodded, who then said:

“I’ll ask her.” “That would be nice,” the chairman said. Thereafter the astronomer-priest left his office.


4 responses

  1. And…. What is the discovery?

    Great narrative hook. You got me.

    1. You’ll find out in due time. And thank you.

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