They say that he shouted “Eureka, eureka!” when geneticist Rik Veldman discovered the HSB1 gene. Whether he also run through the streets naked is unknown – at least there are no police records showing the genetic engineer had ever been arrested for public nudity. However, we know that the discovery of the HSB1 gene changed to world and gave birth to a new but equally controversial science of psycho-genetics.

Immediately after Veldman had published his discovery, there were calls – mainly from the political left – for his arrest as people feared a new generation of totalitarians would abuse this knowledge. Nevertheless these calls were ignored because “do not shoot the messenger” and most people believed Veldman was just an innocent scientist who did his job.

The importance of the discovery of this gene would become crystal clear a few later, but until then there was much excitement about Veldman’s research. For more than five years the geneticist had analyzed the genetic profiles of people involved in the BDSM community – in particular those who had fixed roles as either dominant or submissive. What genes made someone either dominant or submissive?

It turned out that a particular gene, the HSB1 gene, was present in most long-term submissive people and absent in the dominant ones. Of course, the truth was much more complicated but Veldman found out that this particular gene played crucial role in the dominant/submissive dichotomy and hence he named the gene he had discover the human submissive behavior 1 gene.

A few years later Rik Veldman used the HSB1 gene to create the so-called humanoid pseudo-animals or HPA. There was no doubt his intention was to create a race of willing slaves and the freaking thing was that he had succeeded.

No surprise that many nations, both on Earth and in Space, took steps to outlaw the science of psycho-genetics and there were even attempts to make an international treaty to forbid this evil science – as it was called by many.

And despite his claims he did not want to use his discovery on humans, Veldman’s public image shifted from a celebrated geneticist to a rogue mad-scientist. Even his birth country declared him persona non grata.

They say this cold welcome of the new science and technology he had introduced left deep wounds on his soul and this would explain why became a harsh and cynical person later in life.


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