Any conspiracies featuring the Rotary?

I am currently reading The Light Fantastic (the second book in the Discworld series) and while reading I came across a mention of the Rotary International. Now I had almost completely forgotten that this organization exists but I looked them up on Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia many prominent people are or have been members of this organization, including (former) US presidents and senators. Further many business and professional leader can be found among their ranks.

Given the exclusivity of its membership (1,2 million around the world) one would suspect that the Rotary International should be a subject of a fair number of conspiracy theories. After all they bear some (superficially) resemblance with, say, the freemasons. But I was unable to find a conspiracy theory featuring the Rotary.

So this raises a few questions. First of all, are there any conspiracy theory involving Rotarians? And if not, how have they managed to escape the attention conspiracy theorists?


4 responses

  1. Rotarians, no. It’s actually a good org, although I think its lost its appeal these days. Noe, The East India Club….

    1. I am not denying there are good people but I don’t conspiracy theorists would buy into that and instead say “it’s just a cover to fool the sheeple”.

      What are Noe and The East India Club?

      1. Ooops, “Now” not noe. East Indian Club is evil 🙂 I’m a member

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