Moose hunt

Two women had been stalking a large moose bull in the Grey Forest for the last three days, but as yet they were unable to get close enough to the bull. The Grey Forest was known as hard to penetrate since it was densely wooded. The female hunters had to use their knives to make their way through the forest in order to follow the moose bull.

Finally they managed to come within close reach and while the women took cover, one of them pulled a blowgun from her back. The other woman gave her mate a projectile. Subsequently the woman with the blowgun pointed the weapon at the bull and few moments later the large beast felt to ground.

No, the male moose was not dead as the projectile only contained a tranquilizer. The female hunters moved quickly towards the bull.

“He’s beautiful,” one of them whispered. “Yes, he’s.” Then the woman petted the moose as if was their pet.

“Let’s come to business,” said the older woman. Her partner took some kind of collar out of her hunting back and put it around the neck of the sleeping bull, while the other woman collected a few hairs, which she put into a small plastic container. Thereafter the women performed a biopsy on the magnificent animal.

“The lab would be glad,” the younger woman whispered. “Yes, they’ll. But let’s make a few pictures before he wakes up.”

Once they had finished with their tasks, the women left the moose alone. It would take only half an hour before the tranquilizer would have worn off. Of course, the bull would not notice any side effects of it – but he would probably wonder why he had now a collar around his neck.


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