Imperial assent

The main duty of the Emperor of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union is to give assent to laws and imperial decrees without these have no validity. Unlike many terrestrial heads of states the Gramatian monarch gives assent without counter-signature as such action would be deemed unconstitutional.

In theory the Emperor is free to decide whether or not give assent but in practice refusal of assent is extremely rare. Several reasons exist to explain this. First, imperial decrees are proposed by his own ministers and the overall majority of bills introduced in parliament or done “by or in name of the Emperor” and second, a monarch who would repeatedly refuse to give assent would be removed from office by the senate.

Counter-signing of executive orders and laws on Earth is a sign of mistrust as it is designed to prevent the king or president of abusing his powers. The question is why the people of Gramatia put great trust in their monarch. Again there are multiple reason for this. Imperial decrees cannot violate acts of parliament and acts of parliaments cannot violate the constitution. The High Council (the Commonwealth’s supreme court) shows no reluctance when it comes to declaring laws or decrees unconstitutional.

Even more important is that the Gramatian monarch is formally an elective position and although the son or daughter of the previous Emperor is elected as the new one, the Senate is free to appoint anyone as the new monarch and usually tends to make the most competent candidate Emperor. And, as stated above, if the elected person would be a disappointment the Senate is able to remove the Emperor from office.

Unlike in most constitutional monarchies on Earth, Gramatians expect their Emperor to play an active role in politics and the rejection of counter-signature is a clear expression of this view.


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