Into the world of fan fiction

Since I have not had much time to write much, it would be an idea to share some nice fan fiction here. It’s really amazing the amount of fan fiction one can find on the web, though I mostly stumble upon nice ones by accident – the result of crazy search queries. I am particularly fond of “cross overs”.

In fan fiction “cross over” is using characters from two or more universes into one story. According to my opinion a good cross over, and fan fiction in general, keeps as close to “canon” as possible. Anyway, what I like about cross over is the astonishment of the characters of one universe if the found themselves suddenly in another. The resulting confusion and misunderstanding is a powerful source of conflict.

Here a few nice Harry Potter and House, MD cross over I found. (Yes, I watch House from time to time.)

Begin to Hope

Funny story. Severus Snape somehow survives the events in Deathly Hallows and starts a new life in New Jersey, were he, unfortunately, got the attention of Gregory House. It’s pity there are no follow ups – I really want to know how it ends.


Alison Cameron has a secret past, not even her husband knows about. Well written.

The Return of Gregory House

Doctor House turns out to be a banished wizard. But one day the magical community begs him to return. Nice story, though I found the end a little bit disappointing, but that’s my taste.

Harry Potter and the Devilishly Handsome Doctor

This one is a long read (about 79,000 words) but well written. It stays quite close to what I am used of House, though the HP part could be more substantial. Nevertheless it makes of the canonical concepts and characters stay close to the original. In this one Robert Chase is not who we think he is.


2 responses

  1. I have enough trouble keeping a single story/characters straight let alone mixing the characters together. 😦

    1. I see what you mean and crossover fanfic can go wrong quite easily…

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