The Magnetic Wormhole

Physicists at the University of Barcelona has created a magnetic wormhole. This device can transport a magnetic field from A to B without being detectable in the intermediate space. In science fiction wormholes are a popular method of interstellar travel as it allows apparent faster-than-light travel. However, the magnetic wormhole does not allow material objects to be transported but one never knows where this development will end.

Read more: Magnetic wormhole connecting two regions of space created for the first time (Science Daily)


7 responses

  1. Surely this is good news. 😉

    1. And why do you think this is good news?

      1. I should have written: “Surely this is good news??? ” 🙂 🙂 wink wink

      2. I don’t know whether this is good news, but I think it’s interesting.

      3. I didn’t quite make it to the interesting part. lol

    1. Yes, it’s – or least we can hope.

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