Country files: the Confederation of Socialist Republics

Name: The Confederation of Socialist Republics

Primary location: Earth-Sun Lagrange points

Form of government: confederation

Capital city: the Confederal District of the CSR

Economic system: parecon in some republics, market socialism in others

Official ideology/state religion: democratic socialism

Founded: 2030s

Role in international relations: super power

Main allies: Elysia, the Fempower republic

Main rivals: the FAR (formerly), Eurasia

National anthem: Workers Unite!

National sport: –

Featured in: TBA


6 responses

  1. ++++ for your main ally

    1. Did you knew that in the Fempower Republic women can have multiple husbands?

      1. Er… no, I’m not the type of a good husband, you know.

  2. Time’s up. Moving on.

    1. Saved by the bell 🙂

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