Skulipnarapir is the name of the wealthiest family of Gramatia, or for that matter of the entire planet of Urando. Their name literally means “he who picks up shells” and also explains how they had become rich in the first place.

Some 2,500 years ago Gramatia was united by the army of first Emperor Pimple. One of his most important decisions was to issue a law that people had to pay their taxes with shells (smek in Gramatian, from which the name of the national currency, Mik, is derived). And a complex system of determining the value of shells was created, with rare, big and beautiful shells were more worth then small, common ones.

Consequently a huge demand for shells was created, which benefited the coastal regions. People from the central regions started to trade goods to the coastal regions in exchange for shells. And a modest family in the current coastal province of Plodradek realized the potential of this trade.

Soon they switched from subsistence fishing to the more lucrative active of picking up shells from their beach. And soon they became wealthy traders. People started to call them the skulipnarapir and after some time they formally adopted this name.

Trade made this family wealthy and they continue to make money with trade. Remarkably they do not lend their money as under Gramatian law interest is not enforceable in court. Nevertheless they do invest their money but as partnerships instead of loans.

As a wealthy family they are quite influential, though they eschew active politics. The current empress is through her mother related to the Skulipnarapir family.


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