Pony play

Though betting on horse racing had been illegal for several years, the old hippodrome still attracts hundreds of men, women and children each weekend. And the bookmakers were still busy with taking bets on the races in the hippodrome, since the clever entrepreneurs had found a legal loophole to continue their profitable business.

While the hippodrome’s visitors were taking their seats, Alison made herself ready for the upcoming race. After she had undressed herself, she put on a black suit and hoof-like shoes. And lastly she put on a mask with the shape of a horse head.

“You looks nice, girl,” Julian said. “Come with me.” The woman nodded and followed him to another room. There he gave Alison a kind of halter, which she had to put on.

“Good girl,” the man said, while he gave her a few light swats on her behind with a riding crop. Thereafter Julian took a sulky and Alison grasped the poles of the carriages. Subsequently he took a leash and connected it to the halter. Then he took a seat on the sulky.

Julian gave Alison another swat with the crop and the woman came into motion and with the sulky she walked to the racing track of the hippodrome. And when they and their competitors entered the arena, the public in the hippodrome gave them a standing ovation.

A dozen sulkies convened at the start, waiting for the signal. And when the signal finally, all competitors came into motion at high-speed. Or at least as fast as a human being can run.

Julian used his crop to sped up Alison, who run as fast as she could. But it was a close race as Julian and Alison were alternately in lead with their main competitors. Therefore the public was excited and shouted loudly to cheer for their favorites.

After a very close call Alison and Julian finished as first. And from excitement, proud and joy, the driver and his pony girl hugged each other.

Meanwhile at the animal sanctuary, the retired race horses were grazing, completely indifferent about the race in the hippodrome.


One response

  1. I did not know what a sulky was. Never heard the word before.
    I will probably run into it tomorrow in the daily crossword puzzle.

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