Former supreme court judges dies at age 91

Former Elysian supreme court judge Chantek Batyr died yesterday at age 91. His wife Irene Steiner-Batyr broke the news this morning.

Chantek Batyr had been on the Elysian supreme court for over forty years and hence was one of the longest-serving judges. He was also the first non-human to be appointed as judge in any country. Batyr started his legal career as a civil law attorney at the Steiner & Green law firm in Ilium Novum.

The Eleonora cockatoo was born at the Avian Research Institute in Ilium Novum and as a result of an induced mutation, Batyr had above-average intelligence and was soon accepted at Ilium Novum University. After intially having pursued a degree in mathematics, he switched to law after a few months.

Despite becoming a practicing attorney, Batyr continued his studies and he was the first bird and second non-human to earn a PhD. His doctorate on Elysian contract law is believed to have been a key factor in the decision to appoint him at the Elysian supreme court.

At the supreme court, Batyr was involved in several landmark cases and has been the principal author of several leading verdicts. Consequently his influence on Elysian law cannot be underestimated and for this reason alone, he was made an honorary chairman of the Elysian Law Society. And further he has contributed to several classic textbooks on Elysian law.

It is widely believed that the Elysian federal government will held a memorial service later this week. His funeral will be a private affair only open to his family and friends.


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