Background: Political positions of Alice Parker

Elysian senator Alice Parker describes herself as “moderate liberal-conservative”, below a summary of her positions on specific issues.

Economic Policy

Fiscal policy and taxation

Parker opposes both personal and corporate income tax and a general sales or value added tax. Government should rely upon non-tax revenue as much as possible. She, however, opposes “balanced budgets” and supports deficit spending during economic downturns.

Energy policy

Senator Parker supports the building more solar power plants in order to ensure energy security.

Capitalism and economic policy

Senator Parker believes in worker-capitalism and is in favor employee-owned businesses.


Parker opposes free trade with Earth, but favors trade agreements with other space-based nation – in particular she in favor of the Lagrangian Free Trade zone. Nevertheless she finds that Elysia should remain self-sufficient in basic good such as food.

Foreign Policy

Alice Parker is strongly in favor of a non-interventionist foreign policy. In particular Elysia should stay out of conflicts between terrestrial nations. She supports a strong national defense.

Civil liberties and democracy

Voting rights

Senator Parker is in favor to extent voting rights to intelligent non-humans such uplifted animals and humanoid pseudo-animals. However, she oppose voting rights for non-citizens.


Parker is against government intrusion in people’s private lives and hence opposes mass surveillance. She believes personal privacy may only be violated in case of a grounded suspicion of criminal activity and after court authorization.

Social Policy


Senator Parker supports a basic income guarantee as primary measure to poverty relief.

Income inequality

According to Parker interest is the primary cause of income inequality and supports interest-free loans backed by the government for small and medium enterprises.


Senator Parker believes that education is the key to personal independence and economic success, both personally and socially. She favors generous funding of public education and she opposes tuition fees for citizens. Also education is in her opinion important for social development of children and therefore she opposes both home schooling and private schools.

Women’s rights

Equal rights for both men and women are a no-brainer for Parker. She strongly defends the right of women to choose their own way of life and criticizes “feminists” who decry women for voluntary choosing a more traditional and submissive relationship with their partners.

Abortion and birth control

Senator Parker believes strongly in the fetal right to life and is opposed to abortion. She favors both birth control and anonymous birth as methods to reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Also she favors artificial uteri for “aborted” fetuses. Alice Parker is in favor of government-funded voluntary sterilization program.

Stem cell research

Alice Parker is in favor of research with adult and induced stem cells. She opposes deliberately creating embryo for stem cell harvest.

LGBT rights

Senator Parker believes that the government has no business in sexual relations between consenting adults. Competent adults are free to dispose of their own bodies as they see fit, provided no harm is done to third parties.

Animal welfare

Senator Parker is strongly in favor of animal welfare protection laws. She is opposed to killing animals for food, the use of animals for entertainment. The state should make no difference between cruelty against humans and non-humans.

Church and state

Alice Parker believes that religion and politics should strictly separated from each other. Nevertheless she opposes participation of clergy in elections and she favors mandatory celibacy for clergy of any religious movement.


Parker opposes “victimless crimes” and opposes incarceration of non-violent offenders. She is in favor of victim rights legislation.

Death penalty

Senator Parker supports the death penalty for serial murders, child molesters, serial rapists, terrorists and those who engage in cruelty against animals. But government should take all measures to prevent the execution of innocents, even if this means to suspend capital punishment altogether.

Video game regulation

Alice Parker believes it is up to parents to decide what games their children play. Government intervention should be limited to advisory-only.


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