Background: Political positions of Mansa Alwaki

Mansa Alwaki has been the chairman of the senate of satelliteland during the reign of president Iris Attasuuri. He is notorious for his radical nationalism, below an overview of his political believes.

Economic Policy

Fiscal policy and taxation

Chairman Alwaki opposes both personal and corporate taxes, he is also in favor of abolition of the current slave tax. Instead he is in favor of a head tax for free humanoid pseudo-animals.

Alwaki supports government spending in order to stimulate the economy.

Energy policy

Alwaki is in favor of nuclear energy and solar power.

Capitalism and economic policy

Alwaki believes that HPA-slavery is essential for the country’s wealth and believes that the government should promote ownership of slaves and should not impose barriers to slave trade.


Alwaki is opposed to trade with Elysia and its allies. Instead Satelliteland should focus on trade relations with countries which do not oppose HPA slavery.

Foreign policy

Mansa Alwaki is heavily opposed to any kind of Elysian influence. He believes that Elysian citizens, even those who are born in Satelliteland before independence should be expelled from the country. Further he wants to sever all diplomatic ties with the former “oppressor”.

Civil liberties and democracy

Voting rights

Mansa Alwaki is opposed to extending voting rights to free humanoid pseudo-animals. Further he believes that voters should sign a pledge that they do not receive money from the Elysian government.

Electoral reform

Alwaki is strongly opposed to electoral reform, in particular he is against the reintroduction of multiple member constituencies – as was used in the pre-independence era. He believes that single member constituencies are favorable, because they are suitable to gerrymandering. Alwaki is unique among politicians as he is explicitly in his support of gerrymandering, which he believes is a good thing.

Mansa Alwaki is generally considered as the most undemocratic politician in the entire Solar System. Not in the last place because he wants to give “additional votes” to voters who make “voluntary donations” to the state.

Civil liberties

Alwaki does not believe that constitutional rights apply to free humanoid pseudo-animals. He is in favor of broad powers for the police to follow the tracks of free HPAs and to search their homes, even without court order.

Also chairman Alwaki has expressed on multiple occasions that he fully endorses censorship of all possible media outlets. He believes that net neutrality is a major threat to national security and he supports mass surveillance as a positive good.

Social policy


Mansa Alwaki considers HPA slavery as a positive good and opposes abolition. He has supported legislative initiatives to make manumission of slave harder, even leading to conflicts with slave-owners, and he has suggested re-enslavement of free humanoid pseudo-animals as punishment for crimes.


Alwaki has repeatedly stated that according to him criticism of the government of Satelliteland is an act of disloyalty, which should be punished. Also he is favor of increasing penalties for those who assist slaves from running away.

Chairman Alwaki is a staunch supporter of judicial corporal punishment.

Death penalty

Alwaki is opposed to capital punishment.


Mansa Alwaki is in favor of compulsory public education for both humans and humanoid pseudo-animals, though both groups should be segregated from each other. He believes that HPA students should be subjected to school corporal punishment.

Church and state

Alwaki is in favor of a constitutional prohibition of organized religion.


5 responses

  1. I think he might be on to something with his church and state view.

    1. But even here he’s quite extreme. Even peaceful, moderate religious groups should be banned in his opinion.

      1. It is good to have lots of opinions IMO.

      2. True, but do you agree with me that this character is an idiot?

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