The campaigner

Part one

A twenty-eight year old human female stepped into a classy club. The woman looked at the porter, a silvery gorilla, and said:

“I am Elizabeth Steel and I am looking for Edouard Groves,” she showed the porter an official letter. “Very well, my lady,” the primate responded. “Please follow me.”

The porter brought her to a small office where an orangutan was sitting at a couch, while reading at a tablet. The ape looked at his visitor and put his tablet away.

“Please, come in.”

While Elisabeth entered the office, the porter closed the door behind her. She took a seat and said:

“Mr Groves, I am glad you have invited me.” “You are welcome, miss Steel. My decision to invite you today is, of course, based upon your qualifications. I have received a letter of recommendation from the mayor of Ilium Novum and she praises your qualities and your devotion.”

The woman smiled politely.

“Yes, I had an internship at her campaign team during the last mayoral elections.” “I assume that was your first campaign since your graduation?” “Yes, sir.”

The orangutan nodded with his head.

“Though the upcoming elections for the House of Delegates are quite different from a mayoral election in the Elysian capital, I guess you’ll do fine.” “So you’ll give me the job?” “Yes, I see no reason why not. You’re very qualified and you have some good experience.” “Thank you sir,” Elisabeth said with a sigh of relief.

“I have only one more question for you, miss Steel.” “Okay, sir.” “Do you have accommodation in this country?” “I am staying at my mother’s place, sir.” “All right, I’ll send you an email later this week.”


4 responses

  1. Would she have been granted the position if she were homeless?

    1. Yes, she would got the job, even if she were homeless.Only he had to arrange a place to live for her.

      1. Ah ok. I thought by asking her if she had accommodation, the position was based on having a place of their own.

      2. I see, but is more a practical concern.

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