The Confession

Helen Green had been a minister of the Society of the Triple Goddess, the largest religious denomination in the Fempower Republic, for the last twenty-five years. Though she was raised herself in a nonreligious but strictly feminist family, she had always felt a spiritual need. At age sixteen she formally joined the Society and was ordained at age twenty-two.

Though officiating weddings was generally seen as her main job, reverend Green’s duties were far more diverse than just that. Of course, she gave a weekly sermon and lead funeral services for deceased members of her parish. Yet another part of her work as a minister was to engage in a penance ritual and each day Rev. Green hold a consultation hour for those who wanted to confess their sins.

While she was sitting in her office, someone knocked on her door.

“Please enter,” she said. A young stepped into her office and closed the door behind him. Helen Green looked at him and said:

“How can I help you, my son.” “I want to confess my sins, mother.” Of course the use of the terms ‘son’ and ‘mother’ were just a way of speech. Reverend Green nodded and said:

“Go head, son.” “Well, I have watched some pornography lately, on multiple occasions. And I am very regretful about that, mother.”

The minister nodded and with a very stern voice she said:

“Pornography is an affront to the Triple Goddess and treating women as objects of lust is very, very sinful. It’s a good thing you came here to confess your sins, son. But confessing is only half of the ritual of penance.”

“I understand, mother. And I am willing to take the second stage.” “Good,” Helen Green said. “Please take your pants down and bent over my desk.” “Yes, mother.”

The young man obeyed her without question and once he was bending over her desk, the minister took a heavy, wooden paddle from her desk and stood up. Reverend Green went standing behind the confessor and said:

“You will be paddled in name of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. It is the Triple Goddess who will punish you and I am just her humble servant chosen to administer the ritual of penance.”

And with a forceful blow the paddle hit the man’s naked buttocks. Though he screamed, the confessor remained in his position, ready to receive the next blow. Helen Green wasted no time and administered the second blow almost immediately. In total she hit the man nine times with the paddle.

After the last blow reverend Green said:

“Son, have you learned your lesson?” “Yes, I have, mother. Thank you.” “You’re welcome, son. Please stand up.”

Then she put the paddle away and put her arms around him. While she hugged him, she whispered in his ears:

“Your sin has been forgiven, son. Before I will let you go, promise not to sin again.” “I promise, mother.”

Note: the character of Helen Green has been inspired by a post by spanking author “Underling” but she has been adapted into the context of the Fempower Republic.

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6 responses

  1. I am sitting here and have been repeating (practicing the phrase) “in name of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone”. Has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    1. Okay, maybe you can became Rev. Green’s coworker :).

  2. Party pooper here. Would he have been as severely punished if the it was gay porn he was watching? Or if it was a woman watching lesbian porn?

    1. Good question. I’ll ask Helen about it.

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