Adverse effects

A man stepped into an office which belonged to a certain Doctor Barbara Brooks, a renowned psychiatrist.

“You wanted to speak with me?” “Yes, ma’am. About my girl-friend Angela Bricks.” “I see,” the psychiatrist said while she nodded. She pulled a file from her drawer and put it on her desk.

“Yes, miss Bricks has been treated for depressions about six months ago.” “That’s correct, ma’am,” the man replied. “And my girl-friend does not suffer from depression any longer but she is extremely submissive lately. And I was wondering whether that could be an adverse effect of the treatment she got.”

Doctor Brooks paused for a while and said finally:

“Transcranial magnetic stimulation could have some side effects, but I have not yet seen this particular behavior. However, do you consider your girlfriend’s current behavior problematic.” “Well,” said the man hesitating. “It’s quite strange, as Angela used to be a very emancipated woman and being submissive is so different from her old self. I have the idea she is just another person.”

“All right,” Brooks said, “but do you think is happy they way is now?” “That’s hard to tell for me, ma’am. It appears that she enjoys to serve me and she obeys me without complaint.” The psychiatrist nodded.

“I see your girl-friend has a job a high school teacher. Are there any complaints about her from her work?” “No, I haven’t heard of any. From what I have heard from her employers, she likes to do her job.”

“Could you tell me what kind of submissive behavior Angela exhibits?” “Yes, for instance, she asks me for permission if she wants to go out with friends and once I say I am fine with it, she asks me what time I expect her to be back home. And another example, if you want to do some housework, Angela says it’s her duty to do that.”

Barbara Brooks nodded again and took a nap of her coffee.

“And that’s all?” “No, ma’am. Angela insists that I shall spank her if she breaks the rules or if she is disobedient.” “And you spank her?” “Of course not,” the man said angrily. “I believe it’s wrong for a man to spank an adult woman!”

A short pause followed.

“Maybe,” Doctor Brooks said very carefully, “your girl-friend has always been submissive but are those desires… How would I say it… released as a result of the transcranial magnetic stimulation. That would be a possibility.”

“Do you think it’s normal for a woman to be submissive?” “I respect people’s lifestyle-choices,” said the psychiatrist flatly. “And there are many adults, both men and women, who are happy with being submissive to others.”

“But you cannot rule out her change in behavior is the actual result of the transcranial magnetic stimulation rather than something which was already there in her head?” “No, I can’t. But honestly I don’t think it’s a real problem and fixing it could be more dangerous.”

The man nodded as he realized that Doctor Barbara Brooks was right on the latter.

“I would suggest you to have an honest conversation with your girl-friend about the future of your relationship. To make clear the expectations you have of each other and to make adequate agreements with each other.” “Yes, I will.”

And slightly disappointed the man left the office.


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