Country-files (Urando series): Gramatia

For the Elysia Universe I have published several “country files” but in the Urando series there are 63 countries. So I have decided to publish the country files of Urandan nations.

Name: The Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union

Form of government: Constitutional Elective Monarchy (with an emperor as head of state)

Capital city: Pimpleplys

Economic system: mixed-market economy with strong state intervention

Official ideology/state religion: Tujoism

Founded: 567 BC

Role in international relations: Superpower, planetary hegemon

Main allies: Czezr, Colya, Luyfn

Main rivals: Benya, Fruytanya

National anthem: Dolke hymn

National sport: Archery

Featured in: The Countess of Waklau


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