Simone de Beauvoir University

Simone de Beauvoir University was the second oldest non-terrestrial university, after the University of Ilium Novum. As this educational institution was established by the radical feminist government of the Fempower Republic, the SBU was a women-only school. No man was allowed as either a student or a teacher.

It was therefore no surprise that the SBU became a stronghold of radical feminism and this attracted many students and teachers from around the Solar System. And no less surprising was the fact that feminist theory was a compulsory subject for all students – and failure to pass this feminism 101 course meant one would unable to graduate.

Another remarkable feature of this famous and simultaneously notorious institution was its strict dress code for both students and staff. This code prescribed all SBU women to wear either a dark blue skirt or trouser suit when on University grounds. Students were additionally to wear a name tag.

Respect for teachers was another important aspect of life at SBU. Students were required to address any staff member with “professor” of “ma’am” – and students were consistently addressed as “mademoiselle”. Repeated violation of this rule would result in expulsion of the student.

Virtually all students lived at the SBU campus and typically ten women shared a dormitory. Older students were expected to help the younger ones with their studies. And senior students also enforced strict discipline at the dormitories. Failure to perform chores in time or study avoiding behavior (“sogging” in SBU slang) was not tolerated and usually resulted in junior students being caned by their seniors.

Since the emphasis on Simone de Beauvoir was on academics, non-educational facilities were limited. There were no organized sports teams, though there was a gym. And only a few clubs were approved by the Board of Governors.

The question remained, of course, what was the quality of education at SBU? Actually it was quite good, as the University had been consistently ranked as “excellent” by objective evaluations. And both students and stuff would usually claims this was due to its strict policy, which they believed created a fruitful environment for studying and scientific research. However, critics of Simone de Beauvoir University would counter this was only coincidental.

Nothing would change, as the Ministry for Education of the Fempower Republic had no plans to make any amendment to the University’s charter. And so SBU would continue as a stronghold of feminist conservatism.


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