The Dreamer

Empress Aleyzeya of Gramatia was sitting in her office, busy with reading official documents, when a guard stepped into her office. The empress looked up and said:

“What’s the matter?” “An envoy of the Synarch of Ak’nal has arrived and he claims to have an important message for you.”

Aleyzeya frowned her eyebrows, as it was quite uncommon for the Synarch to seek contact with the Emperor of Gramatia. This was the result of the religious competition between these offices, which both claimed the supreme priesthood of Urando.

“Let him come,” she finally said after some hesitation.

A few moments later the guard returned with a man in his twenties. When the guard left, the empress said:

“You have a message for me.” “Yes, your highness.”

“So what does the Synarch wants?”

“The Synarch had a dream, your highness.” “A dream?”

Aleyzeya knew that the people of Ak’nal, at least their priests, placed much inportance to dreams. In their religion dreams were considered to be messages from god.

“Yes, he had a dream. And apparently this dream shocked him very much.” “And can you tell me what his dream is about?”

“No, I can’t. But the Synarch has written down his dream.”

And the man handed over a scroll of parchment to the empress. The scroll was sealed.

“Thank you. I will read it and once I am done, I’ll send my reply.” “Thank you, your highness.”

Once the man had left, Aleyzeya opened the scroll and read:

The King of Earth has come and the Angels will return to Urando. The two branches of Mankind will be reunited and the Galaxy will be conquered.

Typical, the empress thought. A prophesy derived from a dream, typical Ak’nal costum. But what does it mean, if it meant anything at all. And who was the King of Earth? Jesus, Maitreya, King Arthur or some other figure terrestrials believed in?

And then the part about the return of Angels, everyone on Urando – including atheists – believed that the Angels would return. Only people differed on whether that would be a good or a bad thing. And as long as the Angel of Justice would not come along, many Urandans would not care much.

The existence of Earth and the presence of human on that planet, was only known to the governments of Urando and was kept secret for the general public. And reunion of both branches of mankind would most likely mean the conquest of Earth by a combined Urandan military – which was very unlikely to happen.

And finally “the conquest of the galaxy” was also open to a multitude of interpretations.

Aleyzeya hated such things. Personally she believed that the people of Ak’nal overestimated dreams. And who knows how to determine whether a dream contained a valid prophesy? International politics cannot be built upon the random dreams some might have.

What should she do?


6 responses

  1. You asked! I’m answering!
    She should give the dreamer sleeping pills. I read that the effects of some are diarrhea. ;(
    He would be up and down all night and not have time to dream. 😉

    1. That would be a funny way to do and something that Aleyzeya might be willing to consider. However, it is virtually impossible to give the Synarch such pills without his notice.

      1. Where there’s a will there’s a way. 🙂

      2. Well, the problem is as follows. 1 the Synarch do not take any pills that might affect their mental faculties; 2 the Synarch cooks his own food; 3 the Ak’nal border police is well trained to pick up unwanted visitors such as spies and missionaries.

      3. Fresh out of suggestions here. 😦
        Stuck with the dreams.

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