Background: Tujoism

From the Encyclopedia of Urando

Tujoism is the largest religion on the planet of Urando and is the official state religion in the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union. Besides Gramatia Tujoism is the major religion in Colya, Luyfn and Benya. Elsewhere it exists as a minority religion, consisting mainly of immigrant communities of the countries mentioned above.

Tujoism is hard to describe in a few words, as it does not have formal creeds or dogmas which states its fundamental teachings. Nor is there any kind of formal scripture which is accepted by all its adherents. And within Tujoism there different schools of thoughts.

Historically Tujoism originates from the nature worship of the ancient Azeyans. Once Pimple unified the different Gramatian tribes, of which the Azeyans were the largest one, in a single empire he was declared supreme priest of the country and all local priests were organized in a national structure.

Despite the lack of a single canon of Tujoist scripture, Tujoist theology revolves on the worship of the primordial gods, the angels and the free spirits. There are four primordial gods in the Tujoist pantheon, of which Tujo is the most powerful – though he is not omnipotent. The primordial gods are not created, but are thought the have been emanated from the primordial substance.

According to several Gramatian creation myths, the primordial gods used the primordial matter to shape the universe. Then Tujo created the angels, to assist him in governing the universe. The number of angels is unknown, and many believe their number is infinite. Most of our understanding of the angels is found in the epic poem “The Battle of the Angels”.

Tujoist cosmology is surprisingly materialistic and subscribes to a type of atomism which quite resembles Epicureanism. Like the Ancient Greek atomists Tujoists believe that the soul consist of a special type of fine atoms. But unlike the Greeks, Tujoists believe that the soul continues to exist even after death. The soul of a deceased person will wander the world as a free spirit.

In general Tujoists believe that any being, including animals and plants, and even lifeless things as rocks, have a soul of some kind.

Since free spirits wander in our world, there is no special realm of the dead in Tujoist cosmology. Nor is there any concept of retribution in the after-life. Hence the purpose of Tujoist rituals is not to gain access to heaven, but to live in harmony with the numerous forces of nature, which are ruled by the free spirits.


7 responses

  1. Tujo, I like that name for a god.

    1. What do you think of Wuja?

  2. Do Tujoists hold potluck suppers?

    1. Well, Gramatians do such things – but it’s not part of their religious rituals. Tujoists do, however, pray at dinner.

      1. I was planning to bring some friend cabbage.

  3. Make that fried cabbage for a friend. 🙂

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